On Splurging

I haven’t done a writing post recently, and I figured it was time to. I love these as a opportunity to share more of my candid and honest self with you. I came across this blog post recently titled “An Open Letter to the Woman Wearing the $10,000 Purse” and it resonated with me, 100%. I mean, we’ve all been there, right? Scrolling through Instagram, seeing dresses we’ve pinned a million times on Pinterest (I’m personally thinking of every Needle & Thread dress ever) or maybe a piece from high fashion so iconic, we think to ourselves, “She has the [Fill-in-the-Blank with Popular Name Brand Item You’ve Been Coveting For Ages]. I secretly have a list of inordinately expensive items I would love to own one day. What I love about fashion is that these items aren’t necessary to create a look you love! In fact, thrifting (my favorite is ThredUp!) sometimes produces the most stylish outfits at a serious fraction of the cost. Regardless, I think buying yourself nice pieces once and a while is something to be proud of. So here’s some food for thought about splurging:

1. It Can Be a Memory Maker

I received my first Kate Spade bag when I was 18. It was February, and it was my first trip to New York celebrating my belated birthday. My mom and I were at the flagship store on Madison, and we had fallen in love with their Cedar Street Maise. We kept sneaking peeks of the bags the whole trip. On our second-to-last day, we sat in the store and bickered for 20 minutes about making such a grand purchase. Back and forth and back and forth, we stressed about spending $300 so carelessly. In the end, we each walked out with a bag (we had bought each other’s) and a huge smile on our faces. 🙂 See, we hadn’t actually been careless. Those bags (which we affectionately nicknamed Daniella and Sarabeth and are in this post) are one of our most prized possessions because they hold so many memories of such a beautiful trip. When we match with them, it’s like we’re back in New York on that February day. And that is simply priceless.

2. A Timeless Investment

A disclaimer: this sweater I’m wearing is a $125 piece from Sézane. It’s one of the most expensive pieces I own. My mom surprised me with it for my 21st birthday on our most recent New York trip after we spent over an hour at the store, and I tried on at least a dozen other things just for fun. We picked this because it won’t go out of style, and the sweater can be worn multiple ways, so that the bow goes in the front or back, or side even! It’s versatile and timeless, and something I will continue to pull out on special occasions for a long, long time.

3. Instant Gratification is Good Sometimes

Why do we buy anything nice really? A comforting meal, a new piece of technology, a huge bouquet of flowers. We often excuse those for some strange reason as being more functional, but if we’re being honest here, they’re all wants and not really needs. Fashion is no different! One of my favorite movie scenes of  all time is in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character rips Anne Hathaway apart for thinking fashion has nothing to do with her — because fashion really does have huge artistic and economic effects on the world. So here’s what it really boils down to — splurging is fun, in any respect! You get an adrenaline rush because it something you don’t do very often, and instant gratification like that is healthy on occasion. 

4. Being Goal-Oriented is Productive

Setting any time of goal is a path to success! When you have something to work toward, you will be more inspired and motivated to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. A goal to splurge is a reason to be better. Splurging is the payoff of hard work. My own personal goals are to someday be able to own some of those items on my secret list — as silly as it is, I want to work until I achieve those dreams just to fulfill an aspiration of a younger me. It’s time we celebrate that and stop bashing it or judging it!

Have you splurged on something recently or want to? Comment below!! I really want to see! 🙂



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