Winter Essentials: Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

I’m in the midst of packing and preparing for my trip to New York Friday, but the weather is looking pretty cold and bleak for the first few days. Temperatures are supposed to plunge — potentially to subzero temperatures — and here’s hoping my flight doesn’t get cancelled. I’ve prepped for the weather with the trinity of winter essentials. Quality hats, gloves, and scarves make such a difference in the winter chill. I’ve posted some of my favorites below, and let me tell you, they are too cute!!


Some of the most fun accessories are hats! They can be a little more unexpected, creative, and unique. I often find that hats are the most difficult accessories to nail down — it takes a lot of searching to find hats that are perfect fit, in all senses of the word. But locating a worthwhile hat is like finding treasure, and I absolutely love showing off my find. Heat circulation easily escapes through the head, so restricting it with a hat helps with the cold immensely!

Anthropologie Outbound Blue Blocked Beanie

Anthropologie Navy Glacia Knit Beret

Kate Spade “Hey Gorgeous!” Beanie

Kate Spade Pom Bow Beret

J.Crew Champagne Pom Hat

Topshop Pink Beret


An easy way to dress up an outfit — and add warmth — is to throw on a scarf. I can’t tell you how useful scarfs are to pull up over your mouth with the wind gets really strong. They add another layer and shield to biting conditions, and I love having a few to rotate during the winter. They are also a perfect excuse to incorporate a pop of color. It’s too easy to fall back on cool blues, winter whites and creams, and grays and blacks during the season, but scarfs can contribute a refreshing poppy or floral touch to a more neutral outfit!

Madewell Colorblock Blanket Scarf

Free People Green Kensington Brushed Herringbone Scarf

Treasure and Bond Colorblocked Woven Scarf

Steve Madden Plaid and Gingham Scarf

Kate Spade Ruffle Scarf

H&M Powder Puff Faux Fur Tube Scarf 


In cold winter weather, covering every exposed part of your body is a must. Feet and hands are always the first place you’ll feel a dull numbing and loss of sensation when the cold chill strikes. I’m a pretty stubborn person and for some reason, stuffing my hands into a pair of gloves is something I’ve fought since an earlier age. I just feel like my hands are less functional in gloves! Of course, they’re a lot less functional numb too. I’ve found some extra chic options for the winter weather — I’ll be wearing a similar leather pair lined with fur!

Anthropologie Sleeping on Snow Bee Embellished Gloves

ASOS Leather Knot Bow Gloves

Mud Pie Navy Bow Gloves

Target A New Day Velvet Bow Gloves

Fownes Pink Leather Gloves

Land’s End Leather Faux Fur Gloves

Which of these pieces is your winter staple? Comment below!




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