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I’m currently in Boston! It may be raining and the weather is a little unpredictable, but I’m exciting for some fun days with my family ahead. Reach out to me in the comments section or over Instagram if you have any recommendations while I’m here. As I was packing, it got me thinking about everything I pack when traveling. I decided to make a list to share here, so in no particular order, I give you, my packing essentials!
I admit, you should pack this only if you have space to spare, but normally, hotel blowdryers are pretty lackluster so I love this mini blowdryer. It’s powerful and allows me to do a DIY blow-out. I bring it everywhere.
Traveling is practically synonymous with germs. Some serious culprits that come to mind are the hotel remote, the airplane pull-down tray, and my hands after I’ve spent the day navigating public transportation. I love fully experiencing a city, but carrying around a little pack of wipes gets rid of the grime.
3. Gum
I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory, but it can be an easy to forget. Gum helps with flying (it helps pop your ears when they get irritated because of altitude), and it’s great to have on hand when you just want to feel refreshed. It’s an easy hygiene fix for when you feel a little gross, especially if your morning routine has been sacrificed.
I bring my Hydroflask with me when I travel. It’s big, it’s bulky, but I never regret bringing it. I empty it before and keep it in my personal item bag and then fill it up right when I get inside the gate. It beats paying $5 for a water bottle and suffering of thirst from the tiny little water cups the plane provides you. And it forces me to stay hydrated throughout the trip (something I can easily neglect to do otherwise).
Even if you don’t think you’ll use them, they’re small and can come in handy if you need something to prompt yourself to go to sleep — or if your hotel is in a noisy part of town.
When you’re someplace new, chances are that your phone battery is going to run out 3x as fast as normal. It a combination of the extra time you’re using it for energy-sapping information (e.g. Google Maps, Yelp, etc.) and that you’re probably in a heavily-populated place with poor service — and this happens again-and again without fail. When I was in New York last year, I decided to invest in a portable charger. Can I say, what a lifesaver? Get one that fits in your purse — it will be a reassuring this to have when your phone is teetering on 20 percent charge.
My grandma called me the other day to tell me she had pulled out an old vacation album I made her from when we went to Boston my sophomore year of high school. I know that now, everyone relies on iPhone pictures, but a good point-and-shoot is perfect for memory capturing, and having a few quality pictures to document the vacation will be appreciated later on.
I don’t know that anyone leaves anywhere without headphones, but that doesn’t make them any less of an essential! I opt for earbuds because I find them easier than Beats to pack. Headphones let you live in your own world — you can throw on classical or jazz to create a work environment, or listen to your favorite playlist to pass the time. It’s a win-win always.
The absolute worst is pulling wrinkly clothes out of your suitcase when there’s nothing you can do about it. This little guy is quite portable and can be filled with tap water for easy steaming.
My mom is a very big advocate of plastic bags being the ultimate organizers, and I’ve slowly converted to her views. Plus, they double as electronic protection if the weather gets wet and rainy.
For some reason, I get blisters allllll the time. I walk a lot for school, and sometimes I scrunch up my socks accidentally, and presto! A new little blister shows up on my foot. It’s more annoying than anything, and something I don’t really want to mess around with when traveling. I bring this and smear it over each foot, and it does the trick to keep them healed and protected.
11. Socks
Even if you think you packed enough, pack one more pair. Hotel floors should not be walked on sans socks. Planes can get really chilly. Sometimes the weather is colder than normal and you want to double up your pair. They take up so little space, and I’ve often found myself using the extra pair when I pack it.
12. Cash
It’s so easy to rely on credit and debit cards, but truthfully, cash is the universal currency. Plus, it keeps you accountable as to how much you’re spending.
As I mentioned before, planes can get a little cold sometimes. A scarf is the perfect solution — it can double as a little extra something to keep you warm and an accessory when you’re out an about. In the fall/winter months, go for a blanket scarf, and in the spring/summer months, opt for silk! There are tons of ways to tie each too to give you a different look!
Actually just yesterday on my way to Boston, I had my hair half tied up in a rubber band, and it broke! I was kicking myself for not having a back-up. I like pulling my hair back and out of my face (more comfortable), but hair ties can also be used to tie things together, keep food containers or packages clothes, or hold together electronic cords.
Are there any other things you HAVE to have when traveling? Comment below, because I want recommendations!!
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