The Travel Essentials I Never Leave Without

Hello from the East Coast! It’s good to be back — though I might only be a tourist now, New York is my favorite city and at some point in the future, hopefully my home. When I was packing for my trip, I found myself consulting a list of what I consider “packing essentials.” I realized that some of these things might not actually be essentials for everyone and that I should share my list. So I present to you today’s post! I considered myself a prepared person (sometimes too prepared, helloooo overpacker status šŸ˜‰ ) but it’s come in handy when finding items to make traveling just a little easier. I should also credit my mom — moms are the best for this sort of thing, and mine has definitely helped me learn to pack efficiently over the years.

Face Masks

Planes are dehydrating, especially on long flights. Drinking plenty of water should be tip number one, but bringing a face mask (I like sheet face masks for easy clean-up) is easily a number two. Cold, dry air leaves skin feeling so tight and uncomfortable. I pack one of these, do it on the plane, and apply light make-up before I land. I promise, your skin will thank you!


Noise cancelling headphones are great too, but when push comes to shove, carrying a small pair of these is a lifesaver, especially on a plane. I also carry an eyemask if I want to sleep!

Phone Battery

Using Google Maps, searching Yelp, posting on Instagram and Snapchat — it drains your battery like no other, especially in a highly populated place where your phone is fighting for attention amidst dozens of others. I charge and pack an extra phone battery always.


More than once, either I’ve gotten sick traveling or a family member has. I am sure now to slip some form of Vitamin C into my bag, and these are easy and yummy (just add to water for a bubbly orange drink!). The second I feel a small tickle in the back of my throat, I am sure to just down one of these.

Foot Inserts

Trips for me are so often characterized by walking, walking, walking! And often in something with an albeit comfortable heel…but still a heel. I love picking up a pack of foot inserts and slipping them into my shoes for a little extra cushion. Walking on sidewalks can be hard on the soles, and these work wonders!

Blister BandaidsĀ 

Without fail, I always get blisters. These bandaids truly could not come in more handy! They close off and protect the area and are medicated to help heal the blister. I can’t think of anything worse than being stuck with an open sore on your foot the whole trip, but carry a few of these and you’ll never worry.


I know this might seem like common sense, but it’s also easy to forget. I carry a mini tube around with me in case of a headache or cramps. I take Advil extreme sparingly, but pain hits at the most inconvenient times and so much better to be prepared.


Planes harvest so much bacteria and germs, as do cities and places in general. I slip a small pack of wipes and do a quick scrub of the tray table and my hands before eating. It’s easy and efficient for on-the-go.

Hand Cream

I love slipping a hand cream into my purse just about always, but especially when traveling. It’s soothing and refreshing, and washing your hands and applying some after can immediately can refresh and provide a second wind after an extra long day.


Again, another easy one but easy to forget in the hustle of packing. I love fresh’s products because they are extra hydrating and provide a pretty sheen that makes lipstick wholly unneccesary if your lips are chapped or dry (especially the tinted ones!).

A few other items a bit more situational specific! These hand warmers are incredible if you’re walking around in cold weather. Though meant for skiing and winter sports, I buy a big pack for cold trips and slip them into my gloves and boots if I’m walking around a city. Another item I always carry that applies more to contact-wearers are these eye drops.Ā My eyes consistently get dry and irritated, but a drop in each and I’m good to go! Finally, packing cubes can make the job easier too. They’re a bit more polarizing (some people swear by them, others hate them). I find that rolling my clothes and storing them in the cubes is organizational and saves space! Additionally, you can use plastic ziplock bags to roll clothes into, suck out the air, and pack.

Comment below your packing essentials!!



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