On Love

With Valentine’s Day this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. It always hits me around February — I fall into a ¬†steady stream of deep thoughts about what it means to love and be loved. Love can be thought about in so many different ways: the traditional relationship love and dating, but also […]

On Taking a Shot

  This past week, I was a stress ball. Sunday afternoon me was worried about jobs and financial security and the future after graduation, which is nearing with each passing day. I sat in the car feeling overtly anxious and practically sobbed that I felt underqualified and inadequate and unable to get the job I […]

On the Power of Habits

I’m writing this post because lately, I’ve been losing everything. I guess the correct word would be “misplacing,” but honestly, that feels like a friendly euphemism. It started with my phone about a month ago. Then, I misplaced my prescription glasses when I was packing up my camping bag. THEN, I lost an important necklace. […]

On Honesty

Honesty is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, and I decided to set aside the normal fashion (the Ultimate Spring Break Guide will be coming at ya on Wednesday, I promise!) and lifestyle posts and talk about something I recently came clean about to someone and how it made me feel. Long story […]

On Stepping Into the New Year

Welcome back!¬†ūüôā I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, celebrated with family and friends. I wish it wasn’t so, but¬†just like that, Christmas 2016 has come and gone. I always experience an overwhelming amount of nostalgia when the holidays teeter off. The second¬†mid-September¬†rolls around, I practically sing it from the rooftops…and as October turns¬†into¬†November, and […]

On Being Thankful

It’s almost time to celebrate what is arguably my favorite holiday — Thanksgiving. And though¬†the menu my dad will be cooking up is going to be incredible, I love Thanksgiving because it’s a welcome¬†pause before craziness starts. For me, it’s about¬†savoring every second.¬†Trust me when I say my Christmas spirit¬†gets going starting Black Friday, but […]