Goodbye, Year 2

Why is it that after you finish running a remarkably long marathon, you realize it just…ends? When I turned in my last final during the 7-10 p.m. slot last Wednesday, a part of me expected poppers and confetti as I walked out the classroom, and an audience applauding with hoots and cheers. Instead, I went to my […]

A Little Piece I Wrote About Books

This is an incredibly rare post for me, but I really wanted to share it. For the last nine days, my days have consisted of write/eat/study/gym break/write/eat/study/sleep/REPEAT. It’s been an exhausting period of me racing against deadlines, as final exams take place this week. But! In the midst of everything, I received the best news — I was admitted to a creative […]

Brunching in Berkeley

From my time here in Berkeley, I’ve learned one thing for sure: the food is on point. College has taught me to loveeee brunch — it’s cost-effective (two meals for the price of one!), a great way to lazily enjoy the weekend mornings with friends, and a whole new level of yum. Here are my favorite Berkeley brunch […]

End of Year One

SO. The last two weeks have gone by in a flash, and though I took a break from writing on Young Cosmopolite to study my bootie off for finals, I am finally done with my first year of college. That feels unbelievably bizarre to write. So much went into creating this past year. So much happened during […]