Rose Golden Hour: Ruffled Pink Blouse

Happy Friday! I was supposed to be on my flight this morning to New York, but as you’ve probably seen, the whole Northeast has been slammed with extreme cold and snow. But fear not! I will (hopefully, provided all goes well) be on a flight out tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait. And something I’ve been sure to pack for my trip is color! Winter makes it too easy to slip into creams, whites, neutrals, grays, and blacks. What I love about today’s outfit is that it incorporates some vibrant elements too. I hope you enjoy and have a safe (and warm! 😉 ) weekend!

I’m going to break down why I loveeeee this top into a few different categories. I first spotted it in November, and though it’s only making it to YC now, it’s still 100% available! I had been consistently attracted to high ruffled Victorian collars and sleeves — it’s a trend I feel so femme in, and I was on the hunt for a perfect, affordable piece that would fit my vision. I tried this top under a cream sweater (gray would work too!), and the little collar and sleeves peeking out made for an unexpected fun little detail. It’s beautiful standalone too! In other words, it’s versatile. Also, the tiny embroidery on the shirt is small hearts — with Valentine’s Day coming up too!! Finally, I’m a sucker for pink

Full disclosure, this handbag is a much less expensive, strikingly similar version of this popular designer bag. Regardless, I think the bow is irresistible! For me, I value handbags with extra space — I’m an overpacker, and that applies to all aspects of my life. Better to be prepared, right? 😉 This bag is spacious, and the color is a subtle powder pink. It’s understated, sophisticated, and mature.

For my hair, I tried a romantic, intricate braid that you can totally pull off on yourself (I got it on my second try!) using this tutorial. I tied a thin piece of black velvet ribbon at the bottom in a bow, and matched my lips with this pink favorite. My necklace is a new favorite piece — pearls are classic, of course!

I’m relishing these last few days of winter break — so many big things are coming next semester, and I want to cherish the present! Little moments like these golden hour walks feed my soul — do you feel the same way? Just a little food for thought going into the weekend. 🙂


H&M Vintage Pink Embroidered Ruffle Blouse // KanCan Jeans // Target Merona Marcella Tan Block Heel // J.S. Eleanor Powder Pink Satchel (similar found here!) // KJP Simply Pearlfect Necklace // Clinique Raspberry Glace // Black Velvet Ribbon

What is your favorite color to integrate into your winter wardrobe? Comment below!




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  1. You look so cute! I love the blouse paired with the jeans and sandals.

    1. Thanks, Courtney! This blouse has become a new favorite 🤗

  2. So pretty in pink!!!

    1. Ah thank you!! 💗

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