Red Hunter Boots & Bow Umbrella

This weekend, I wholeheartedly got spring fever. The sun decided to make a quick appearance, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to pull out a sundress and get some early spring cleaning done. But in the blink of an eye, the rain came back, and I was stuck trying to figure out the best way to wear a springy outfit and still stay warm and dry. An easy solution? Colorful rain boots and a cute umbrella!

Investing in red Hunters was a bold move for me, but something I was pretty excited for. Hunters are definitely investment, but one of those products that’s actually worth every penny — they’re remarkably durable, really comfy, and just made well. Going with a brighter color draws eyes, and I always get complimented when I wear them. I think it’s a combination of them actually being cute, but also that wearing them is a really confident statement that others appreciate! In pairing them, I try to stick with neutrals, as I did here, and let the boots do the talking.

An unassuming accessory, umbrellas can be a fun way to add to an outfit on a cloudy day. For one thing, seeing someone with a bright or patterned umbrella always makes me smile! I also look forward to rainy days just to pull out my own umbrella — this J.Crew one was gifted to me by my mom at the start of the semester, and it has already gotten tons of use. The bows are ultra-femme — which I love — and the black and white coloring matches with everything. Head down below to see some more fun umbrellas I linked, some only two-toned, and some extra poppy and bright!

To round off this outfit, I had to pull out a trench coat. It’s my absolute favorite, and quick disclaimer: I own three trench coats in tan, navy, and pink. It’s a rough decision to decide which one gets to be pulled out of the wardrobe for the day. 😉 Trench coats are an amazing transitioning piece for those chillier spring days. They pair with almost anything, flawlessly matching a pair of jeans or a sundress. For this outfit, I opted for a mock turtleneck (it was fairly cold out) and then a suede skirt. I stuck to a lighter palette pulled together by the darker trench, so that every color stood out!

For my hair, I swept small pieces to each side, lightly twirling pieces at the crown and and then pinning them to the back. My make-up I kept light and warm with light browns and a bit of blush!


All-in-all, the rain can be a perfect opportunity for creativity and color if you look at it with a positive attitude — something I’m going to living out this week, with all the oncoming storms we’re getting!

Navy Trench Coat (similar found here and here!)// Mock White Turtleneck // Faux Suede Scallop Skirt (similar found here and here!) // Military Red Hunter Boots // Bow Umbrella (similar fun prints in floral, flamingoes, and pink bows!) // Over-the-Knee Socks // Rose Gold Fossil Watch (similar found here!) // ‘H’ Necklace // Essie Minimalistic

Do you have a fun rainy day accessory? Comment below!



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