Red Hooded Coat & Plaid Skirt

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling!! I’ve been trying to cram as much Christmas cheer into this week as possible, which has translated into Christmas shopping, baking cookies, and going out to get a TREE!! Tree shopping coupled with singing Christmas carols is probably my favorite holiday activity. On the West coast, we don’t exactly have farms — I’d kill to go to an actual Christmas tree farm — but there still is plenty of opportunity to survey trees and pick out one we like. I love trees with a little attitude. 😉 Maybe it have a strong top star branch or just has a lot of long branches, something that gives it character! This year, our tree happened to be perfectly proportioned, as in the bottom has a long stem, the branches are evenly distributed, and the top was made for our star! But enough about my affinity for trees, the only thing that made the evening that much better was this hooded coat and plaid skirt I’m wearing!

I’ve had this coat for a few seasons, and it always makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood. I can’t think of anything more magical than feeling like a fairy tale character! I love how unique the hood is, and it definitely comes in handy if it’s super cold outside and I forgot to bring a hat. Plus, a coat in the red spectrum (poppy red, rose, crimson, burgundy, pick your favorite!) is a must, just as a breath of fresh, colorful air during the darker winter months.

Sometimes I get asked how I tie my coats, because I like the tie to lay flat. I take one of the ends and essentially tie it around the other! So, just take one end, make a loop, slip the other end in, and tighten! It’s a really simple way to have the front tie laying clean and flat.

As for the skirt I’m wearing, plaid is such a definitive pattern of the holiday season. I owe my fair share of flannels, but showing off plaid in a skirt is a little more unexpected! The skirt becomes one of the focal points of this outfit, which makes it extra fun. And with the jacket, the color coordination is seamless!

For my hair, I just took two framing pieces of hair on each side and twisted back, pinning with bobby pin. And then for my lips, of course, I had to go with yet another red! I’ve been relishing every minute lately, especially with my family! I love hanging out with my  younger brother — he gave me a big squeeze at the Christmas tree farm, pictured above. 🙂 Speaking of which, how adorable was this lot? We had way to much fun running through the trees and admiring all the decor!

Red Hooded Coat (very similar one found here!) // Black Boat Neck 3/4 Sleeve Shirt // Red Plaid Skirt (similar one found here!) // Patterned Black Tights // Taupe Booties  (similar found here!) // NARS Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil // Essie Fishnet Stockings

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