On Taking Breaks

I’ve always loved the word “retreat.” For me, it produces a sense of sweet relief, and of peace. I think that’s why I love fall — there is something so reassuring about embracing flaws for the beautiful, colorful additions to our character that they are, about coming to terms with and shedding everything that’s weighing us down, and about finally becoming vulnerable and bare. This weekend — appropriately the start of October, which I would consider the epitome of fall — I traveled with a few friends to Carmel-By-the-Sea, a quaint coastal oasis. I stuffed myself with butternut squash risotto, homemade pizza, and lots of coffee. I laughed and smiled and conversed and forgot about the long list of “to do”s in my weekly planner. It was a hearty, soul-reviving weekend — one I didn’t know I needed.

Today’s post was supposed to be a “Guide to Carmel” post, and that’s not going away, but it truthfully ended up being too long for me to write in one sitting. And this weekend, I wanted to just “be.” I wanted to be present. I wanted to breath memories as easily as I did salty air. So I’m going to post the guide post tomorrow, on a day I don’t normally post. But today, I’m going to write a little piece about taking break. I hope you enjoy.

Breaks are Needed.

We all have limits. Sometimes, the world demands so much of us that we forget how to even put our foot down. We just mosey along with our day, get caught up in routine, and become numb to everyday beauty. Breaks set us free and remind us of things we take for granted. This weekend, cozy mornings wrapped up in blanket, sipping a fresh lateé and enjoying the chill taught me to value the stillness of mornings, before the hustle and bustle. Breaks make you feel refreshed and enlivened when you get back to work — they are necessary for a more productive week and higher quality of life.

You Have to Be All-In

Taking a break means turning off everything. Technology is all-consuming, so distancing yourself from it as much as possible is a must. This is personally really hard for me to accomplish. But playing a card game and ping pong this weekend reminded me that entertainment is so much more fun when it doesn’t take place over a screen. Being more or less all-in allowed me to be in the moment.


Don’t try to limit yourself. Treat your tummy, your heart, your body, and your soul with love — whatever that may be for you. Spending time with friends and eating farm-fresh food (affectionately called food from the “farm mar” — short for “farmer’s market” 😉 ) nourished my soul. Doing things I wouldn’t normally do — cook a full meal, eating as much as I wanted, sitting by a fire and singing — all warmed my heart. Indulging in simple happinesses brought me so much joy I know I’m going to take into this week.

Make the Most of Your Days

I think my favorite part about this weekend was turning in early and getting up early. I consistently go to bed late, and it’s complete self-sabotage. There just isn’t a reason for staying up most nights, especially because I get up early and then feel tired and lousy all day. Rising early makes the day feel longer, and going to bed early makes me feel recharged. Case in point, taking a break has reminded me to be thoughtful about my sleep cycle and be healthier about that daily. The best part of my break was making the most of the little time we had (under 48 hours even!).

Outfit details:

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Do you have any advice on taking a break? What did you do this weekend? Comment below!






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  1. I totally agree with you girl. I’ve been really enjoying slow mornings too, and it’s just a nice time to relax and start your day off right before being busy every second. And girl I totally hate waking up late too because it really does make you feel groggy, and lazy.

    1. They are! Waking up early is just the best — I also hate how groggy I feel when I don’t wake up with the day ahead. So glad you could relate ❤️

  2. There were so many points in this post that I can relate to. It’s so important to be in the moment and enjoy the simple things. Loved reading this post!!!

    1. YES!! So glad you liked!

  3. Live, breathe, fall :):)

    1. Hehe yes ❤️

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