On Taking a Shot


This past week, I was a stress ball. Sunday afternoon me was worried about jobs and financial security and the future after graduation, which is nearing with each passing day. I sat in the car feeling overtly anxious and practically sobbed that I felt underqualified and inadequate and unable to get the job I wanted. But in the end, I turned a negative into a positive. My little pity party riled me up enough so that when I did get home, I spent the whole remainder of the day reconstructing resumes and making timelines and listing companies I wanted to work for, and finally, sending a very personalized, well-researched cold email to a PR company I was interested in. Everything paid off in that I have an interview now set up for this company (yay!), but it got me thinking about how hard it can mentally be to take a shot, so I outlined 3 main points I hope will shift your perspective about taking a leap of faith!

1. You Are Your Worst Enemy

This is so hard to digest, but also very true. If you’re upset about something but not doing anything to try and change it (not including things beyond your control, of course), you’re promoting the root problem. It turns out we, as humans, have natural blockages to happiness. I read this book over summer called Resisting Happiness that outlined how we inadvertently don’t make the effort to fix simple things that could greatly improve our happiness (like when I bought this mini grill for myself to cook with — Game. Changer.). It was a compelling read and I highly recommend, but my point is that if you aren’t taking a shot, you’re the only one stopping yourself from potential opportunities. And really, what do you have to lose?

2. “No” Isn’t That Bad

My mom used to always impart this quaint little pearl of wisdom to me: “The worst thing they can tell you is ‘no.'”

She was referring to putting yourself out there, to asking hard questions, to sending that email or making that introduction when need be. And yes, all of these things are scary and uncomfortable. It’s hard to advertise yourself, because rejection isn’t super fun. On the other hand though, rejection doesn’t have to be that big of a deal if you approach something with proper, open mindset. Every time I’m caught in a gritty situation, I remind myself that the worst thing that can happen is I get a “no,” and the fact is, that’s really not so bad. I can handle a “no.” A “no” now is not a “no” forever.

3. Something Will Work Out

I’m a firm believer that you take enough shots, one of them is bound to work out. The problem most people run into is not taking the shot in the first place. If that’s the case, it’s impossible for anything to potentially work out. Through diligence and persistence, the energy and passion will pay off — often in bigger and more unexpected ways that you could have predicted. It might not be the first or the second or third or even the hundredth time, but each “no” is getting you just a little bit closer to that “yes.” In the end, the “yes” is all that counts.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Be sure to remember the veterans and those who have served our country.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to go take a shot at something you’ve been holding out on — let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I love all of these points girl! You also look so cute too.

    1. Thanks Courtney! I️t really works too, I️ ended up getting the internship that I️ cold emailed about!!

  2. LOVED this post so much!!!!

    1. Thank you!!

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