On Stepping Into the New Year

Welcome back!Ā šŸ™‚ I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, celebrated with family and friends.

I wish it wasn’t so, butĀ just like that, Christmas 2016 has come and gone. I always experience an overwhelming amount of nostalgia when the holidays teeter off. The secondĀ mid-SeptemberĀ rolls around, I practically sing it from the rooftops…and as October turnsĀ intoĀ November, and November falls intoĀ December, I relish the changing foliage, the added layers, and the endless comfort food that accompanies the holiday season. My heart is just the tiniest bit warmer during these sweet 3 months. So, the day after Christmas ends, I always feel heartache. And I’ve come to realize that this feeling — the process of anticipating, preparing, celebrating — is part of what makes the holidays so special.

We have one more milestone to cross before the holidays truly end — the welcoming of a new year. Now recently, I’ve been reading so much negativity about 2016. Twitter even had a trending #2016sucks hashtag. And I’m of the opinion that indeed 2016 was a hard year. The world felt the ripples of great change, natural and manmadeĀ atrocities, and the passing of many icons. But, there were bright spots throughout the year too, and these glimmers of happiness and hope are what I wish the media would focus more on. Take a look at National Geographic’s Best Photographs of 2016Ā (they’re absolutely stunning) or remember that the Rio Olympics brought so many top-performing athletes to the forefront of the globe. Read this article about some of the most impressive, inspiring, and influential events that took place in countries throughout the world in 2016. Think about all of the music, films, and books that touched you or loved ones. TheseĀ itemsĀ make up the heart and soul of our planet, and focusing on them — instead of being weighed down by the negative and wishing 2016 away — promotes positivity so that we can step into 2017 as a collective people ready to fill our blank slate with zeal for life and confidence for a better world.

It feels odd to type that…2017. But in less than a week, we’ll be celebrating a new digit. A new month. A new year. And as much as I understand peoples’ willingness to move on, recognizing that we have one week left to create a more positive perception of 2016 is substantial. We can’t expect to inventĀ a perfect 2017 if we enter the year with bitterness or baggage because we’re thrilled to be done with 2016. I think instead of viewing 2016 as the year that “sucked,” we view it as the year that had both highs and lows, that we wish to become stronger from. Let’s turn the negatives into positives.Ā 

I write this post now because this last week is going to be my reflection week. I have zero idea about what my New Year’s Resolution will be. I want to pick something I can truthfully commit to. I want to enter 2017 thankful for the last year and prepared to start anew. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

For now, comment below if you’ve come up with a New Year’s Resolution yet…or what you think about all of the negative media that’s been circulating about 2016. I want to hear your thoughts!




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  1. I love this positive outlook! Have you thought of any resolutions yet?


    1. Thanks so much! Resolution this year is to stop talking myself out of things! I want to continue to push myself out my comfort zone! What about you? šŸ™‚

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