On Appreciating Time

To be fully honest with you, yesterday was a bit of a rough one for me — for no particular reason at all. I just woke up feeling blue. And though I tried to shake it, I kind of let the feeling carry me throughout part of my day. Sometimes, being a little blue is ok. But fundamentally I was curious as to why? Why did I wake up blue? So I evaluated all of the possible things that could possibly be getting me down, and as I dated my lecture notes, it hit me. We are almost done with October. 

Something as predictable as a month ending seems innocuous, but I was taken aback. It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season — I’ve been incessantly teased for my dedication to donning autumn colors, practically shedding a tear over the changing leaves, and sampling essentially every pumpkin spice item commercially available. I feel fully at peace and alive in the fall — something about the warmth of the colors and chilly weather energizes me. There is lasting beauty in these moments before life must shed everything and start anew, and autumn resonates with me on a deeply personal level.

So the fact that October is almost over is disheartening to say the least — time moves so fast. I know this is the way of life, but time has seemed of particular importance this year. In trying  to balance enjoying the last bits of college and figuring out post-grad plans, it hardly feels like there is time to breath, so today, I want to address the ways I am trying to appreciate time…and make the most of it.

1. Be Aware

Most students I pass on the walk to class are plugged in, with headphones, jamming out to music or nodding along to a podcast. I prefer to walk without headphones in. Focusing on the sounds and bustling activities around me is something I find centering. It puts my mind at ease and often forces me to be acutely aware of my surroundings. Instead of numbly accepting my environment, I find myself paying attention to the nuances of it, and this celebration of the everyday makes time feel slower and sweeter. Why be in a rush if you don’t have to be?

2. Say Yes

The amount of things I’ve said “yes” to this year baffles me. It used to scare me out of my wits to create on-the-fly plans. In fact, it still does a little. But learning how to say yes has opened my world to a whole new set of rich experiences — even adventuring to Treader Joe’s with friends at 9 p.m. to pick up pumpkin spice materials for an impromptu sampling sesh has created some unique memories. Saying yes has shaken up my routine and forced me to cram so many activities into the start of this year, that I already feel I’m making the most of each second — by creating small joys for myself along the way.

3. Pinch Yourself…All the Time

Sometimes I think there is a childish naivety about the way I approach life. I just get giddy about so many things. Age and experience can make a person bitter and jaded, and I really don’t want that to me. So, I pinch myself (metaphorically, I mean) about almost everything good. I try to constantly remind myself that I am so lucky to have friends, to have a loving mom who doubles as my best friend and caring family, to go to a wonderful institution, to study under brilliant professors, to be young, to taste good food and see colors teeming with possibility, to be alive and well. These moments of appreciation are my way of savoring time…and the present now.

So in conclusion, nostalgia makes my heart hurt because time can’t be stopped, and I know it. And it’s not that I want it to stop necessarily, but there are times I lament how quickly it goes by. My plan is to continuing enjoying every moment and create lasting memories as best I can. And to continue to stare in awe as leaves change colors and maybe shed a few happy tears at their beauty, while sipping a hot apple cider and munching on pumpkin bread. 🙂

As for the outfit, I’ve love the ruffles on this top which is currently only $25 and stellar quality. I’ve had my corduroy pants since last season, and they are so fun to pull out — pairing with chambray is always an easy styling option! I matched the ensemble with these black mules (only $23 right now!) that I’ve had — and loved — since spring. They are a perfect fall style as well. Then for a pop of color, I added a red lip and red bag like this one — très chic!

J.Crew Ruffle-Front Chambray Top // Old Navy Corduroy Pants // Target Black Buckle Kona Mules // Nars Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil  // Red Crossbody (similar found here!)

What are your tips on time? Let me know below!



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  1. I’m sorry that you felt blue when you woke up, we all have those kind of days. But I hope you’re feeling better now and these were really good tips!

    1. Thanks so much, Courtney! Am definitely feeling better now <3

  2. Beautifully written post!!!! You look stunning by the way…..

    1. Thank you so much!!

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