On Love

With Valentine’s Day this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about love. It always hits me around February — I fall into a  steady stream of deep thoughts about what it means to love and be loved. Love can be thought about in so many different ways: the traditional relationship love and dating, but also love based in camaraderie and friendship…and maybe even a step further, labors of love (passions we throw ourselves into without respecting anything in return). I wanted to write a few thoughts on love today, and maybe you can drop some comments below if you too have something about love you want to share.

1. It’s selfless

Yesterday, I spent well over 3 hours crafting Valentines for loved ones, and not for a second did I feel exhausted or annoyed at the time it was taking (and the other things that weren’t getting done). In fact, I wanted to put all of the care that I possibly could into those Valentines — no matter how long they took– because the recipients mean so much to me. Love is kind of funny like that. It allows you to look past things that normally get under your skin and consider the big picture, regardless of if it goes against your innate intuition. It’s incredibly motivating, in a generally selfless way. For me personally, I think I’m just beginning to understand its extensive power.

2. It’s something we crave, so it should be shared

It’s part of human nature to want love. In all forms. I’ve been lucky enough to have family and friends whose unending love overflows this need. But frankly, I’ve only loved once in a relationship. I was 16, and it ended in place of vulnerability. It wasn’t bad necessarily, but it hurt. And though I’ve done my fair share of dating in college, I always kind of wonder when I might stumble into a longer relationship. Love is addicting like that…..so knowing these feelings, of yearning and hoping and wanting and waiting, shouldn’t we all be better at sharing love? Everyone just wants to be loved, and seeing as though we all know what it feels like to desperately want love, we should be more open to spreading love and decreasing the amount of yearning and needing and hoping and wanting and waiting.

3. It makes us better

I think love, in my very limited experience, has taught me to be better. I’ve seen love manifested in so many ways: when my mom sacrifices her workout time because she’s adamant about running an errand for me, when my friends come into my room bearing tissues and open ears when the day has just been too long, when a reader sends me a thoughtful email or personal note because they just want me to know they see the work that goes into creating YC. Love has taught me sacrifice, it has taught me diligence, it has taught me appreciation. “Labors of love” are considered laborious for a reason — love isn’t meant to be easy. But as with any hard work, love is formative; it makes us who we are as humans.

4. It can be felt

Love tangibly exists in a strange way. There are sometimes it catches me off guard, often forcing me to realize and celebrate how lucky I am to be alive and living, regardless of how banal my day might actually be. Love catches in the back of my throat, it warms my chest, and it settles in my heart with a little extra spring in its step. It’s something that’s fleeting, and so I try to hold onto the feeling for as long as I can. But I guess the important thing is that this feeling exists — because it provides us something to work toward and look forward to. As for me right now, love is something I’m still largely trying to unravel, but I am wholly intrigued by the depths of its beauty.

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This week especially, know that you are loved. Happy Monday!


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  1. This post is beautiful on so many levels!!!! Loved it!

  2. this is so adorable & sweet–loving all your fun Valentine Day colors too-Katelyn/www.theyellowspectacles.com

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