On Going Home & Setting Goals

As you read this, I’ll probably be on a plane flying home. I couldn’t be more excited!!!

This semester has been a lot. I love college and I love Berkeley, but this semester has thrown me so many curveballs on a personal level.

Academically, I enjoyed my classes and the activities I was partaking in. I took a analysis class on Alfred Hitchcock films, a literature class that explored modern works about urban spaces and global cities, another literature class about classical works, and a history course about the beginnings of cities. Chi O (my sorority) became a HUGE aspect of my life, and I got a sweet Little. (See her in this post!) I discovered more about myself and who I want to be.

Personally, there were unsuspecting situations with people who are close to me. And I’m not just talking one incident. But through the challenges and the obstacles, I learned I can juggle a lot. I am strong. And now I’m stronger. It’s been a liberating experience to say the least.

But, I’m ready for a little break. Everyone needs some time away once and a while. Rejuvenation is an important thing to incorporate because it’s way too easy to get caught up in one life you’re living, only to realize another you didn’t even consider is passing you by. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working though! But self reflecting is key to success in my book. And especially with 2016 coming to a close, and the fact that I’ll be entering my 20s soon (!), I want to take this time to set some goals for myself to accomplish this winter break.

1. Find a summer internship.

In October, I was accepted into a really neat program through Berkeley that networks students with alumni in Washington D.C. for summer internships and sets them up in residential housing in the heart of the city. As ecstatic as I am to have been offered this opportunity, my goal this break is to be open-minded about all of my options. I’m graduating a year early — so as a “junior” — and this summer is so important for me to do something that will give me a more refined idea of what specifically I want to pursue in life. I have passions — in journalism, in law, in what I do here by blogging 🙂 — but I want to hopefully find an internship that sparks my creativity in a new way.

2. Read a few books.

As an English major, I read all the time. So when I come home for breaks, I’m normally so exhausted that I don’t feel motivated to pick up a book, even if it’s something I’m interested in. This makes zero sense and is completely illogical, I know. I’m literally making excuses that keep me from something I love. Which is why I’m committing myself to you (accountability!) that I want to read at least 3 books over break. I mentioned a few weeks ago The Ramblers  is on my Christmas wish list, but I also really want to read Eleanor & Park and of course, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because I didn’t go and see the movie yet!

3. Work out…5-6 days a week.

So somehow, I set this goal at the beginning of the semester and I achieved it! It took a lot of discipline, and as much as I really do love working out (you feel so good after!), some days take more motivation than others to get in the gym and give it your all. This one for me is a constant goal. I don’t want to go home and forget about my workout regimen because it’s important to me.

4. Learn how to cook at least 3 new dishes. 

I absolutely love cooking, but I’m rarely able to cook at school because my living situation provides meals. I love heading over to one of my guy friends’ apartments, where we’ve whipped up some pretty gourmet (actual good food, not even by college standards!) dishes to enjoy. I relish those nights, but for a whole month, I have kitchen access! I plan on baking and cooking endlessly, but I’d love to exit break with some new recipes in my repertoire!

And finally, 5. Continue to grow and improve Young Cosmopolite.

I love this blog with my whole heart, and I want to grow to be something really, really great. Putting it together, writing for it, taking and editing the photos, and discovering new ways to publicize it — it’s a learning curve I enjoy navigating each and every day. I want to make it better. I want to continue to create content that is worth reading. I want to connect with any of you who are reading this right now. It makes me happier than I can describe because it is truthfully and wholly me. I hope that it continues to never feel like work, because this feeling is pretty incredible.


Do you have any goals as the new year rolls around? Comment below!! 😀 And thanks for being a part of this. I appreciate it more than you know.

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