My Favorite Preppy & Femme Bloggers Pt. 2

One of the things I love most about the blogging community is the overwhelming amount of support. Bloggers love to follow other bloggers — it’s like some strange sort of celebrity world! I’ll just say that if I ran into one of my favorite bloggers on the street, I would probably definitely fangirl on the inside (this may have happened before). You can find My Favorite Bloggers Pt. 1 here, but in truth, there are just TOO many to only create one list, so today I bring you Pt. 2!

Blog: The Londoner

Instagram: @rosielondoner

Name: Rosie Thomas

I fell in love with Rosie through following Julia Engel, of Gal Meets Glam, as the two are friends (too cute!). Rosie’s posts are tinged with warmth, wanderlust, and whimsicality, and there is a true classiness behind her work. Her luscious hair and tailored style are to die for, but more than that, her writing is so fun to read — imagine a storybook crafted by a true sentimental wordsmith. Can I get an excerpt, you might ask…well, I am happy to provide :), “On a busy roundabout in Vauxhall there’s a very unusual restaurant indeed. A crumbling Georgian mansion flanked by sky scrapers with a constant buzz of traffic outside, like wasps on a picnic. Delightfully eccentric and very, very British, welcome to Brunswick House.”

Blog: Mode and the City

Instagram: @daphnemodeandthecity

Name: Daphné Moreau

Daphné celebrated her 10th blogging anniversary this summer — what a milestone! She is the most charming French blogger, and her style is often complimented by berets or silk scarves. Swoon! Each piece of her outfit is always so picture-perfect, and though you have to translate her blog into English to read it, it’s worth it! Each post is delightful and have you wishing you could jump on the next flight to Paris!

Blog: prêt-á-provost

Instagram: @allieprovost

Name: Allie Provost

Allie is a stylist for Kate Spade, and gosh does it show! I swear, she cannot put together a bad outfit. And amazingly, her ensembles often require matching patterns, layering, or color coordination — I admire her creative eye! She is a girl after my own heart and wears (almost) strictly dresses and skirts. Reading her posts makes me want to step up my outfit game constantly; she is the epitome of New York chic.

Blog: (Em)pire Style of Mind


Name: Emily Bryski

Another New York girl, Emily is a petite blonde cutie trying to raise awareness about sustainable fashion (love, love, love!). Her style is beautifully feminine and characterized by bright colors and patterns. She finds the cutest pieces, and I love reading her the intros to her fashion posts — they are always so thoughtful! She also loves photography and started an Etsy store, which you can read more about here.

Blog: The Golden Girl

Instagram: @jesskeys_

Name: Jess Keys

Jess is all smiles all the time. I love her vivacious personality that literally jumps off the screen. Her Instagram stories are so fun (and funny!) to watch. She’s uber knowledgeable about blogging and co-started a blogging resource I currently am subscribed to, Blogging 4 Keeps (highly recommend checking out!). She also has an incredible compilation of her favorite brands, in all aspects of life, that I’ve seen — it’s worth checking out here. I love her candidness and willingness to be real with her followers!

Blog: Kelly in the City

Instagram: @kellyinthecity

Name: Kelly Larkin

When you sign up for Kelly’s blog, you’re signing up for a lot more than just this preppy fashionista. Kelly has the sweetest husband, adorable dachshund,  and darling baby girl Emma to boot! For this reason, her posts cover a lot of different bases — from motherhood to home decor to travel. And then, of course, style! Kelly brings out the best elements of modern prep; she’s a Vineyard Vines, KJP, and Lilly lover. Plus, her looks are easy day-to-day looks — something you could put together to look composed on the go! I especially loved her Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks this year — so on point!

Blog: The Dani Austin


Name: Dani Austin

My favorite thing about Dani is her bubbly, fun-loving personality that shines through in her writing style and definitely on her Instagram stories. She wears her heart on her sleeve and makes sure her followers are getting the most behind-the-scenes, goofy real version of her as possible. I love her honesty and realness, and her stories crack me up — definitely a highlight every time she posts a new one!

Blog: Simply Lauren Gray

Instagram: @simplylaurengray

Name: Lauren Gray

Lauren makes affordable shopping look insanely glamorous. She mixes preppy pieces from J.Crew and Ralph Lauren with staples from Old Navy, SheInside, Romwe Fashion, and Target — and she almost always does it wearing one of her signature broad-brimmed hats. I love the dreamy quality of her blog and Instagram — it’s light, airy, and pleasant to follow along. Her outfits are easy to emulate (speaking from experience!), and she seriously can wear any shade of lipstick with such effortless panache.

Blog: Prep Avenue

Instagram: @prepavenue

Name: Shannon Hessen

I came across Shannon a few months ago and was infatuated with the inordinate amount of bows on her blog and Instagram feed. She’s a Southern “military brat” and definitely evokes a very girly, Draper James-eque style in each of her posts. Kind of a quirky thing, but she also finds the best discount dupe items (those wicker basket bags everyone loved over summer — she found one for $15 shipped!), so I love checking up to see what other hidden treasures she’s found!

Do you have any other favorite bloggers you think I should check out? Comment below!



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  1. I’ve never heard of any of these bloggers before. I’ll have to check them out.

    1. They’re all amazing! Highly recommend ❤️

  2. I love the support that bloggers give to each other! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank YOU for reading and following along!

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