My Favorite Femme & Preppy Bloggers

I gather daily inspiration from everywhere (on my walk home, running at the gym, shopping at the market — everywhere honestly), but the most obvious area is other bloggers. I loveeeeee following along other bloggers’ journeys, and have made friends/received mentorship from bloggers on this list and beyond. It’s a truly amazing community! I thought it’d be fun to list my Top 9.

Blog: Gal Meets Glam

Instagram: @juliahengel

Name: Julia Engel

I think it’s safe to say Julia is the cremè de la cremè of bloggers. She’s at over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, and personally, she’s one of my style icons. I’ve mentioned before that she’s at sweet and perfect in-person as she seems from reading GMG, and I’m in love with her girlish charm and tailored femme looks. Julia is poised and graceful, a modern-day Grace Kelly, and her posts are always incredibly honest. You know I’m obsessed with bows, and Julia tastefully integrates them into her wardrobe like no other — an added bonus in my book.

Blog: The College Prepster

Instagram: @carly

Name: Carly Heitlinger

So, oddly enough Carly and Julia are best friends (which makes my heart swoon because I love them both). I stumbled across The College Prepster around eighth grade or freshman year of high school — it was the first blog that got me hooked — and her youthful relatability was so refreshing. She’s my inspiration for a day at school, when I want to look chic and studious. I love that Carly is a critical thinker (she’s a Georgetown alum, which is one of the schools I’m looking at for law school!), and she has wonderful book and documentary recommendations in addition to her collared preppy ensembles.

Blog: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Instagram: @sarahkjp

Name: Sarah Vickers

Sarah is effortlessly chic. She is exactly what I want to be when I grow up. 😉 She and Kiel James Patrick, her husband, plan out the most brilliant photoshoots — think nautical meets whimsy and highbrow elegance. Sarah looks charming in whatever she wears, and if I could raid her closet, it’d basically be a dream come true. If you like golden retrievers, definitely check her out because her pup Bennie (I didn’t realize a dog could be so gosh darn photogenic!) will definitely make an appearance.

Blog: Lonestar Southern

Instagram: @lonestarsouthern

Name: Kate Padgitt

Kate makes me smile immediately. She’s so close in age to me, which I love, and she also was a sorority girl back in college — another fun coincidence. She’s bright and sunny and incredibly genuine with her Southern spirit. Her style is colorful and classic, and she’s made me become interested in the South as a whole. Her posts are extra bubbly, and I love watching her Instagram stories because she comes off as down-to-earth and so sweet, someone I really wish I could get the chance to know in real life.

Blog: attn: To Detail


Name: Megan Yazdani

Megan embodies the quote, “Dress for the life you want.” She manages to make everyday looks look polished and sophisticated. I absolute love her smile and gorgeous curls. Her blog is very story-centered, so reading it is always a true enjoyment. She’s a compelling writer and has such a great voice for blogging — I’ve met her in-person and can attest, she is as articulate and graceful as her blog/Instagram make her out to be.

Blog: Belleoftheball45

Instagram: @belleoftheball45

Name: Abby

Abby just finished her freshman year in college, but she’s been a blogger since middle school. I’m pretty amazed at all of the experience she has under her belt, and I also appreciate her style — which is classy, smart, and sweet. For anything navy, she’s your go-to girl, and I enjoy seeing how she styles her posts. Also her dorm room is to die for (and decorated with MyPinkandGreenGarden — If you want to check ’em out, you use my code HAYLEIGH17!).

Blog: Daily Dose of Prep

Instagram: @dailydoseof_prep

Name: Lucy

Lucy has a really likable personality and makes it a priority to connect with followers by posting everyday and doing Instagram live streams. Her posts are very preppy oriented — in her words, “New England style with a Southern state of mind!” She also just finished her freshman year of college, and I enjoy reading her posts because she seems really down-to-earth and real.

Blog: Sophie Shoelover

Instagram: @sophieschumacher0

Name: Sophie Schumacher

Sophie just started her blog, though she’s had a presence on Instagram for a while. Her style looks like it jumped right out of a J.Crew catalog, and I absolutely love it. She also has a really cute sense of humor, and her Instagram captions always make me laugh. I really love and relate to her fashion sense, and because she works with Kiel James Patrick, she’s always wearing the latest KJP items — I’m so jealous!

Blog: The Coastal Confidence Aubrey Yanow

Instagram: @thecoastalconfidence

Name: Aubrey Yanow

With one look, you can tell Aubrey is an East Coast girl. She has the cutest rain jackets and accessories! Her posts make an impression on me — she tries to be as real as possible, and I love that! She also wears a lot of budget-friendly items, which is really refreshing. I’ve reached out to her over Instagram DM before, and she’s just such a helpful and receptive person. I love following along!



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