Last Sorority Rush

For four days this week, I didn’t post a blog Instagram once. I quickly fell behind on all my reading and homework. And as for sleep, psssch, who needs it? It’s been a hectic week, to say the least. The reason? Sorority recruitment!! Now, if you’re interested in rushing and curious about what happens or what to wear, this post is for you. Truly, I wanted to take today’s post to reflect on something that’s been a big part of my college experience and life.

Pictured here are the smiling faces of so many people I am lucky to call forever friends. You can actually see my “family” in the first photo — my curly haired Big Molly and my sweet Little Anna. How appropriate that we’re the Sunflower Family, and there were sunflowers for us to include in our photo! Through nights with very few hours of sleep, through almost losing my voice and feeling sick and run down, I reminded myself this week I was pretty darn lucky to feel so connected to such a strong, talented, passionate group of women.

For you to better understand, the days of rush are long. We are booked — sometimes from 9 am – 10 pm — just talking and getting to know girls through 20-minute “parties.” But through Unity Days 1 and 2, Sisterhood Day, Philanthropy Day, and finally Preference Night, I felt so genuinely in love with my friends around me. I wrote a few lines for Preference Night — a night of big decisions. I’ve included the speech here, and it really speaks to my struggles, doubts, and ultimate love for Chi Omega and its sisterhood.

I came to college a natural introvert, interested in getting to know people but sometimes more content as a listener and observer. When I went Chi O, I questioned the validity of the sisterhood and my place within it. As you can probably guess, I don’t feel that way anymore.

From the time [my sister] Benni picked me up after I called her crying on the phone because I had been standing out in the rain for 20 minutes waiting for the 51B [bus] that never arrived… to the time I received an anonymous card in my mailbox from a loving sister telling me she appreciated my company in the house… I have found such a sisterhood in this place I am lucky to call home.

I think as women, many of us show up to Berkeley independent, ready to fight for ourselves, and achieve personal success, but relying and placing trust in others is not always second nature. That was the case for me, and I am glad to have grown with the sisters I know will be life-long friends.
Welcoming our new sisters home yesterday on Bid Day is always an evening filled with fun and warmth. I am so excited to get to know our new members more over the coming weeks. My Owl Pal (our animal is the owl, and we pair a new memb with an active as a kind of buddy system) was a girl named Laura (pictured below on the left!). We gushed about fashion, New York, “Sex and the City,” and Julia Engel. Then she totally blew me away by telling me all about the cancer research she does. It’s instances like that that make this process so special — you think you know someone, but there might be an undiscovered commonality between you that sparks a connection, or an impressive feat that completely blows you away. 
Now that it’s all done, I feel a little nostalgic. Everything is bittersweet. But it is nice to  finally be able to pause and take a breath. It is nice to catch up on my reading. It is nice to get eight hours of sleep. All of these things I do with a happy heart. Though this is the last fall formal recruitment I’ll experience, this year is only just beginning.

Do you have any questions about sorority rush? If you’ve been through the process, what has your experience been like? Comment below!



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  1. What a beautiful post about your sorority and sisterhood! I hope this year is the best yet for you!

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