Latest Obsessions: September 22, 2017

Happy Friday — and more importantly, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL!! I am truly thrilled that it’s the weekend and though I only have loose plans for festivities, it will be nice to get some things done. I’m headed to Monterey and Carmel By the Sea next weekend, so my game plan is to get ahead on all work for the week. So far this semester, I’ve felt more on top of everything than ever, and I want it to stay that way.


This had to be the first obsession, because I have truly been waiting for the official start of fall for what feels like over a month. As much as I love summer, coming back to the Bay reminded me exactly why autumn is my favorite season. The crisp air, the cozy fall drinks, blankets and scarves and sweaters and everything in-between, I love it so much. I’ll be commemorating today with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for sure and probably throwing some leaves in the air just for the heck of it. It’s official fall!

DASH Mini Pink Grill

My living situation this year prevents me from having an oven or stove (I partake in more of a dining hall situation). As a result, I found this inability to cook really limiting, especially because I love simple grilled vegetables and chicken or tofu. My mom actually decided to do some research for me and sent me the link to this little $10 grill (it’s pink, so I was sold, obviously 😉 ). It’s the size of a hamburger so I had realistic expectations for what it could potentially accomplish, but I am over-the-moon impressed with its actual power. It can sauté spinach and grill zucchini and eggplant, fry or scramble eggs and pancakes, and cook a veggie burger or chicken breast! It has been a true highlight of my week, and I am going to continue to experiment with its capabilities — perfect if you are living in a dorm!

Express Petite Ruffle Hem Burgundy Dress as Budget Option like Gal Meets Glam

If you’ve been following along, you know I love Julia Engel’s blog Gal Meets Glam. She’s definitely a mogul in the blogging world and a personal creative role model of mine. Most of her posts are filled with gorgeous designer pieces — so beautiful, but just not friendly for a college budget. Well, she’s been trying out something new this week, and I have a theory she’s testing to see if she should do it more often (She definitely should!). Essentially, she took some of her outfit posts this week and found similar items at a less expensive price point. My favorite? This $60 dress (on sale right now for $35!!) that I am probably going to purchase this fall season.

Shine Text

If you want the cutest little message sent to your phone everyday, sign up for Shine Text. I saw someone post about it recently and I entered my phone number and time I wanted a daily text, and every morning, I wake up to the sweetest inspirational message! As an example, yesterday’s read,

“‘How are you, Hayleigh?’ …’Good…you?’ Heard that before? 😉 Truth: Naming our *true* emotions helps us better deal. Own your feels today.”

It’s a positive way to get your day going!

Gap Switching to Old Navy & Athleta

This article caught my attention over the last few weeks. Gap Inc. is focusing its resources on Old Navy and Athleta, and closing some Gap and Banana Republic stores. I feel it’s been a long-time coming as Old Navy tends to be the greatest price and quality performer, especially for basics. However, I think Gap and Banana have stepped up their brands so much in the past few years, and I’ve personally found items there that I love. I’m interested to watch how this plays out and also how it will look locally at my home stores.



Ruby Chocolate

We’ve all probably heard of white, dark, and milk chocolate (I’m a dark chocolate fan, how about you?), but there’s a new kid on the block. A chocolate manufacturing in Switzerland has introduced a new type of chocolate called “ruby chocolate,” and it’s pink. The taste is described as “berry-fruitiness,” and I am quite eager to try. Nothing about the chocolate is colored — it’s made with a ruby bean, which is grown in Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast. The chocolate is probably going to take 6-18 months to hit shelves, but I definitely will be on board when it does.

What do you think of Gap’s transition? And do you want to try ruby chocolate as badly as I do?! Comment below!




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  1. I hadn’t heard about the Ruby chocolate! This sounds so tasty! Can’t wait to try it.

  2. That ruby chocolate sounds really good. And girl I’m so excited for fall too, everything about it is so cute!

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