Latest Obsessions: November 17, 2017

It has been forever since I last did a Latest Obsessions post!! I’ve been keeping busy though. Between trying to set up an internship for spring semester, finishing up fall semester school work, and planning for the holidays, I have my hands full! With my blogging anniversary falling on November 3 (the Friday a normal Latest Obsessions would pop up), I had to push things around and so it’s been almost a month since the last iteration of this series — that is a lot of time to develop things to be obsessed with!!

Kate Spade’s New Line

I think this is my favorite Kate Spade line yet. It’s fun and feminine and pink!! And overflowing with the most charming little details like pearls and stars and bows. I first fell in love with the campaign they put out to advertise it, featuring little girl ballerinas – how cute?! Then, they released another #MissAdventure video, which was a true delight to watch (and featured a favorite NY Upper West Side market of mine, Zabar’s!)! Then last Friday, a group of us went to an event at the San Francisco Kate Spade and saw all the pieces first-hand. It was fair to say, I couldn’t resist a single one. The marketing team simply outdid itself!! My favorites (how can I pick though, really?) had to be this sheer blush star dress, this constellation cross body, this blush pearl bag, this navy bow fit-and-flare dress, and anything in this Finer Things print. Also I recommend popping into your local store and picking up their latest free print (you can always grab the postcards by the register for free!): the Statue of Liberty in Russian doll form. 🙂


Gap NY Pajamas

Also on that shopping trip in the city, I stumbled upon these pajamas and proceeded to practically jump up-and-down and do a huge happy dance in the middle of Gap. I’m honestly about 97% sure I scared one of the retail managers because I truly could not contain my excitement. I mean, out of all the New York pajamas I have seen in my day (and trust me, there have been a lot), these are the crème de la crèmeThey come in two shadesthese light ones and then also a darker navy short pair. I went with the lighter longer pair and will hopefully be donning them in a few months when I’m in the city!

Googling “Beautiful Words”

It all started when I initially stumbled upon the definition of “quaintrelle” on my Pinterest feed: “a woman who emphasizes a life of passion, expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.” I love that!! Also wouldn’t that make for a great blog name?! Regardless, this little find was the catalyst to me typing “beautiful words” into Google Images. And you know what I found? A slew of pretty sounding words with incredibly compelling meanings. Language is so powerful and to steal one of the words that popped up, ethereal. Here were some of my favorites:

Halo Top Soft Serve

Almost out of nowhere last week, Halo Top announced on its social media that it was opening a soft serve location in the Westfield mall in LA. Considering how much I loveeee Halo Top (I literally finished a whole pint in one sitting last week, whoops) and how my hometown is a stone’s throw away from LA…. you can bet that this store is now on my list. It’s officially open, and though I think I’m going to have to wait until winter break to head up there (Thanksgiving will be too quick), I’m ecstatic!

Emily O. & Bows

I recently found Emily and have been loving following along! She’s a young blogger and YouTuber (a senior in high school!), but has such the eye for creativity and fashion. I love seeing her style pieces from J.Crew and Madewell — especially capes and ponchos, which she’s been incorporating a lot more into her wardrobe recently. Honestly, her style is impeccable and she’s always so sweet and poised in her videos.  I look forward to her posts and Instagram stories (she’s also a coffee and brunch fanatic, which I can relate to!). I’m excited to watch her grow and continually be inspired by her innovation — honestly the community of online creatives is so cool exactly for this reason! Her Instagram can be found here, her blog here, and her YouTube here.

TwoPinkHearts Camera Strap

For YC’s birthday, all of my friends surprised me with the most thoughtful gift (when they didn’t even have to get me anything!!). This store on Etsy takes scarves and repurposes them into camera straps! My friends picked a pink floral one, of course. Now my camera looks all decked out! Definitely love the strap and my friends for being so indescribably sweet — word to the wise, find friends who care about what you care about. If it means something to them because it means something to you, that’s a true friend. 🙂


Cast Me JCrew!

J.Crew is on the hunt for someone (a fan!) to appear in an upcoming photoshoot. All you have to do is take a picture showing how you make J. Crew part of your holiday and tag with #castmejcrew #contest on either Instagram or Twitter. The wheels are already turning in my head for this one — do you have any  ideas?

What has been your recent latest obsession? Comment below!



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  1. I’m obessed with ALL your obsessions on this post! Such a fun read!

    1. Ah thank you!!

  2. I loved all of these! The pajamas are so cute.

    1. Right?!?! I️ loves them!

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