Latest Obsessions: July 21, 2017

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone’s week has been good — they go by so dang quick don’t they? Because I’ve been rotating Latest Obsessions every 2 weeks, I want to treat it as a thought dump — if you will — for everything that’s been up with me the last 2 weeks. So, the biggest bulk has been getting my closet and belongings in order. I didn’t realize how many clothes I had been holding onto for wayyy too long. I also had dinner in Manhattan Beach with family, and my beautiful mom and traveled to the Getty Museum in L.A. for a fun excursion. It’s gorgeous, by the way. Here are some other things that have been on my radar:

1. Flower Basket

I posted this Instagram last week, and the common question I’ve been getting is, where did I get the basket?! I wish it was linkable, but I actually found it at a garage sale. It goes to show that  thrifting is one of the best ways to find hidden treasures. I actually think it’s supposed to be used to gift wine bottles, so after scouring the internet, the most similar baskets I could find were this cylinder basket and this tote.

2. Vineyard Vines Passport

Vineyard Vines is launching a new program through the end of summer. By checking their social media and visiting your local store, you can collect stickers to complete this passport. The first 1,000 people who submit a picture of a completed passport receive a special gift from Shep and Ian! I’ve already got my passport and the first sticker ready to go. Will you be collecting with me? 😉

3. prêt à provost by Allie Provost (@allieprovost)

I recently found Allies’ blog and Instagram, and I love them both. I may have to release a Favorite Femme & Preppy Bloggers Part 2, because there are just so many amazing bloggers to discover! Allie lives in New York (she’s also a Chi O!), and her posts eternally make my heart sing. I wish you could physically transport yourself through Instagram aha. She captures the best of the city, and her style is bright and elegant. She’s a dress girl, and I absolutely love it. I also wish I could steal her branding, because it way too cute!

4. ColorKuler

This is the neatest website I found recently. If you type in your Instagram handle, the website will translate your feed into colors. It’s so interesting to look at and scroll through, and also useful for coordinating photos. I’ve typed in dozens of accounts for fun, but to give you an example, here are some from Vineyard Vines, J.Crew, and Pop and Suki:

5. “Know Your Worth, Then Add Tax”

I first saw this on Pinterest last week, and immediately sent it to one of my close friends. She’s the definition of “girl power,” and it reminded me of her. Since, it’s popped up on my Instagram feed a few times. When I read it the first time, I smiled. It’s so sassy, but also empowering!! I love that pink letter board too. I’ve seen them in black before, like this one, but my goodness, the pink! I found it here, and I’m trying to find an excuse to buy it.

6. Nordstrom Sale

I have been reading Nordstrom Sale post after Nordstrom Sale post, and I’m still not tired of them! This year’s line-up is one of the best I’ve seen. Just a quick refresher, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is all new items that are on sale. That means designers’ new fall collections! Note: the sale goes public today at 12 a.m. for everyone. So if you, like me, don’t have a Nordstrom debit or credit card, today is the day!! I will be purchasing some pieces online and in-store. I’ve linked my favorite picks below. Spoiler alert! There are a lot of bows, blush, ties, ruffles, and pink! 🙂

Tops & Sweaters

 Dresses, Pants & Rompers





What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be hitting up the #NSale, like me? Comment below!


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4 Comment

  1. Everyone is like obsessed with the Nordstrom sale, I swear it’s on like every blog. But I’m obsessed too so I can’t be talking.

    1. It totally is. I love seeing everyone’s picks! To be completely honest though, I was a little disappointed with the lack of items left for non-Nordstrom card holders today. I hope you had better luck!!

  2. Hi! I’m also doing the Vineyard Vines Passport. Where did find the first sticker?

    1. Hi, Helen! Woohoo #EDSFTG 🐳 the clue they posted on their Insta stories is “We love Red, Whale, and Blue” and if you look, they actually have a collection by this name! It’s pretty easy to find from there 😊

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