Latest Obsessions: February 2, 2018

Can you believe this is the first Latest Obsession post of 2018? With traveling and the start of the new semester, I kept moving things on my editorial calendar around, and skipped weeks that were meant for Latest Obsessions. But fear not! It’s back. 🙂 And seeing as though I’ve had a long time to be obsessed with things, today’s round-up is a good one!


This show isn’t actually that new, but a friend introduced me to it about 2 weeks ago, and I’m hooked. “Younger “ can be found on Hulu and stars Sutton Foster (“Bunheads”) and Hilary Duff. It follows 40-year-old Liza who is a recent divorcee and target of ageism when she tries to reenter the publishing workspace. So, Liza moves to Brooklyn and says she’s 26 years old, earning her an assistant role at a publishing company in New York. The show is actually filmed in parts of New York, not a studio or other city . It’s made me laugh out loud, and I love its earnestness. Seriously, your next binge flick!

Sézane Store

When we were in New York, visiting the Sézane location was on the top of our list (some other stores in SoHo too — Mansur Gavriel, Birchbox, Mulberry, etc. there is a LOT of amazing shopping). We were so impressed, and I’ve been looking through my snapshots from the store since. Everything about it is no well-done. I mean just the way the store is styled is an interior decorator’s dream! I want that couch below. 😉 The clothing is impeccable, and there are New York and Parisian-inspired little items (think the stationary section at Anthropologie) sprinkled throughout. The store had hot tea, coffee, baby Madeline’s, mini blueberry loaves, and other pastries to munch on as you shop. AND a free photo booth to take a memento home from the store. The store was an experience and what all shopping should be like! Bonjour, New York!

Harney & Sons Tea

One of my favorite luxuries is making myself tea before bed. I always go for chamomile, but lately I’ve been loving the options from this company. I had tried some of this vanilla tea from a tiny sampler tin, and it just seeped so well. The satchets pack a lot of flavor! I want to try more from this company — I love the tin too. I have high hopes for their other teas!

2nd Generation Kindle

I cannot believe I went this long without actively using a Kindle! Honestly, I’m a print book girl, but commuting to and from work has made traveling with a book difficult. The Kindle solves all problems! My brother gave me his to borrow, and it’s a highlight of my day. I love the older generations because they don’t feel like a screen, and the battery lasts much, much longer.

The Greatest Showman

This is a old obsession but one that persisted throughout the month of January. I saw The Greatest Showman at the very beginning of the year, and loved it!! I’m a sucker for a musical, and gosh, did this film impress!! It’s fantastic! The story of P.T. Barnum (founder of Barnum & Bailey’s Circus) is a cornerstone narrative of showmanship and New York. It’s something I’m very familiar with, having studied Barnum in several college seminars. The movie does it’s fair share of glamorizing, but I honestly ate it up. The soundtrack and music, the color and imagination, the casting and heartencore, encore!!

***Pro-Tip! Purchase a MoviePass subscription — it’s $10 a month, and with it, you are allowed to see one movie/day at most movie theaters. A friend told me about it, and it pays for itself!!



Chickpea Fries

When we were in New York, my mom and I kept encountering chickpea fries on the menu. As lovers of roasted chickpeas, hummus, and traditional cooked garbanzo beans (chickpeas are, in fact, synonymous garbanzo beans), we had to try. Served with a cool yogurt dipping sauce or herb aioli, the fries have become a new favorite of mine. If you’re in the city, I recommend trying Sel Rrose’s or Tiny’s take! They are phenomenal. This Tasty recipe in the closest I’ve come to something similar. In the meantime, I will be combing San Francisco menus until I find a worthy substitute.

Have any fun plans for the weekend? Comment below!



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