Latest Obsessions: December 1, 2017

Happy December! Who else is looking forward to munching on a chocolate tonight from an Advent calendar? 😉 (Also did you see this “Grown-Up” Advent calendar from Trader Joe’s?! Should have gone with that one!) Where did this week go? It was my final week of classes, but now that means prepping for exams and papers. I’ve got quite a few long days ahead, but my winter break is a mere 13 days away!!

1. Ruby Press PR

There’s a lot of life that happens behind the scenes of a blog, and daily stresses sometimes get pushed aside because there just is always space for it in the fast-paced world of creating content! But something that has been weighing on me all semester long is not knowing what the near future looks like. I’m finishing up my second-to-last semester which means, hey! Time to secure a real-world job now. But, the careers I’m looking at don’t hire months in advance, so I let myself get all stressed out over something a little beyond my control. I decided a spring internship would give me some sense of control back and would be a smart move to feel a little more secure and on track. I started the hunt. And after a little research, I stumbled on a PR firm I couldn’t believe existed only a few BART stops away from me — it was just a little too perfect. For reference, see this Glitter Guide article or this Front Row Fashion article. I connected with the things Melissa, the founder of Ruby Press, had to say: she’s a letter writer; appreciator of fashion, history, beauty, food, and more; AND someone who values personal connections. In a matter of a little over an hour, I had read through everything about Ruby Press online and become downright infatuated with their internship program and work environment. I wanted it. I mean, really, really badly. So I spent an additional hour crafting a cold email (in fact, this post was inspired by that cold email aha!). It turned into an interview offer, which turned into the most delightful conversation over coffee this week, which turned into an internship offer…right on the spot (!!!!) I couldn’t (still can’t, honestly) contain my excitement and cannot wait for January to start working!

2. Stila Written in the Stars Glow Eyeliner Trio

If you follow Sophie Schumacher (featured on some of my favorite bloggers list!), you may have seen her wearing this glow eyeliner recently. I love the way it looks on her, and I want to try!! It seems like such a unique and festive twist for a holiday look. It adds such a pretty detail!

3. The New York Christmas Windows

Photos of the famous holiday windows in New York have started popping up on my Instagram feed, and I want more!! I actually would like to be in the city looking at them myself, but more Insta photos will have to do for now. 😉 They are honestly so whimsical and imaginative. And detailed! The care and nuance is unreal. The Lord & Taylor New York one is my favorite — classic, beautifully crafted, and of course, it’s an ode to my favorite city so I can’t resist.

5. Refinery 29’s “Try Living with Lucie”

I got into watching these videos from Refinery 29 about 2 weeks ago and have basically gone through the entire series. They’re created by Lucie Fink, a 24-year-old living in New York, who spends the entirety of each video incorporating a daily change into her lifestyle that centers around a weekly theme. It’s a holistic approach to finding better, healthier, and happier ways to live. I honestly find Lucie’s personality infectious and bubbly — it’s so genuine to watch!! I learn something from each video, be it a new tidbit or DIY, or something I might want to incorporate into my own routine. Highly recommend!

5. These William & Sonoma Snowmen Marshmallows

My mom and I saw these on our Black Friday excursion, and we couldn’t get over them! How cute, right?! I want a little snowman or reindeer face popping up at me from a cup of hot cocoa. I might try to recreate them when I get home; we’ll see! But seriously, William & Sonoma nails it every year with the Christmas items.

6. HQ Trivia

Ok, if you haven’t downloaded HQ Trivia, you have to try it. I think the app has gone viral in a matter of two weeks, and I completely understand why. Essentially, it’s a live trivia game show app. You tune in (along with 200k other people) when you get a notification on your phone to play a trivia game consisting of 12 mixed questions. Each one you get right advances you to the next round and if you make it to the end, you split a cash price with everyone else who made it to the end. I’ve gotten so far as question 5/12. A sports- or video game-related question always throws me out of the running, unfortunately. But it’s a lot of fun, and no strings attached whatsoever (trust me, I raised my eyebrows too at the thought of “free” money, but it checks out)!

What has been on your radar recently? Comment below!



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  1. New York city’s Christmas windows are always awesome. I don’t live there but I have seen some pictures online and they look amazing.

    1. I️ KNOW! I️ want to see them in person so badly

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