How to Stay Organized

We’re a few weeks into the new year and I don’t know about you, but it’s time I reassess my organization! Now, organization is a huge word and can apply to all realms of life, but seeing as my main job is being a college student, today I’m talking about how to stay on top of an endless workload and keep clean in your office space.

1. Get Supplies That Inspire You

In the movie The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock describes buying a shirt as, “If you don’t absolutely love it in the store, you won’t wear it.” This advice applies to anything!! Getting supplies that brightens your daymakes you excited to use it, and brings you joy will increase productivity! Every year, I splurge on my favorite Lilly agenda because I know I’ll make the most of it. Like anything, a little investment can go a long way! I’ve linked some of my favorite products below!

2. Keep a To-Do List

List-making really, really helps because it helps you practice accountability. It can be easy to be overwhelmed when you see the length of your list, but what’s more stressful? Missing out on a deadline, because you had too much on your plate and couldn’t commit everything to memory. Prioritize by making a few lists. Categories I find helpful are “Must Get Done By Today,” “Must Get Done By Tomorrow,” and “Must Get Done By the End of the Week.” When working with a class schedule, homework and responsibilities are often staggered so that this break-down is both efficient and accomplishable.

3. Buy a Planner, and Use It

I’m a planner person — I write my assignments, my grocery lists, my thoughts, my doodles, my journals, and onward in my little planner. It is my everything book. Some of my friends use Google calendars, some have an app on their phone — whatever works for you! Planners let you visualize what’s going on your life (using different colors to make important events stand out helps too!), something that can be such a huge relief. I love a tangible book because it lets me flip forward and physically see what’s happening in the coming weeks — and how far away those weeks actually are (I rarely have as much time as I think I do), but staying on track is what’s really important!

4. Decorate Your Notebooks

I own my fair share of beautiful notebooks, with some of my favorites from companies like Rifle Paper Company and Kate Spade, but another way I like to spruce up my journals is by decorating them! I love Vineyard Vines and their whale stickers are such a fun and tasteful way to distinguish my notebooks. They always are rolling out new designs — though their classic pink whale is my personal favorite — and it’s such a nice way to differentiate notebooks.

5. Be Realistic

You’re human, not Hercules! Plan out what your day will entail but know your limits. Setting unreasonable goals won’t motivate you to work harder; it might actually be more discouraging. Set goals that push you to get work done but are actually possible to complete.

6. Always Carry a Charger

This has been my new thing. When you head out for the day, pack a charger. At best, it saves the day. And well, at worst, you don’t use it…so the worst situation isn’t too bad. 🙂 It’s a wonderful thing to have on hand, because there’s usually not much you can do if your phone or laptop dies in the middle of the day. Put an extra in your bag ahead of time,  so you’re always prepared.

7. Give Yourself 5 Minutes

It always happens. Something unexpected halts your morning, and before you know it, you’re 5 minutes late. As with anything, give yourself a little buffer time by setting your alarm a little earlier. It’s much better to start your day knowing you didn’t forget anything, got to enjoy your morning coffee, didn’t sacrifice your make-up routine, and left without feeling rushed.

8. Put Things Back in Their Place

Habits are formed over time, and the easiest way to stay organized is put things back in their place so that the mess doesn’t pile up. Things won’t get misplaced as frequently, and your overall organizational skills will prosper!





Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks // Vineyard Vines Whale Sticker // Rifle Paper Co. Agenda // Marvy Le Pens // Kate Spade Bow Push Pins // Sugar Paper Cork Desk Supplies // Ted Baker Bow Pencil Case // Micron Pens // Target To-Do Pad


Do you have another organizational tip? Comment below!



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