How to Make a Gingham Twilly

A recent thing I’ve loved doing is looking for small scarves and ties to add to bags as an unexpected pop of pattern and color. Target has some great ones — my favorites this nautical striped chambray one, this yellow floral one, and this white and light blue floral one. But after purchasing a few, I figured (my mom actually spurned the idea when I complained about being unable to find exactly what I wanted) — why not make some?! I had been searching for something gingham to tie on a bag or adorn my wrist. So, I present to you the easiest DIY for a gingham twilly (the cute name for mini scarves 😉 ).

All you need is:

First, take your gingham piece, and cut it to size. I recommend about a 1 foot x 7 inch rectangular piece. You’ll be folding this in half and sewing the ends into corners, so keep that in mind if you’re trying to fit it to a longer bag.

Go ahead and connect the two ends of the fabric, long-way (hot dog style, not taco style hehe). You’re going to overlap them slightly because this is where you’ll be sewing the inseam. Go ahead and sew a straight line along this line, connecting the two sides. If you’re using a sewing machine, be sure to slip something in between the two overlapped pieces and the back layer, otherwise the stitch will go through.

Next, go ahead and clip one of the corners diagonally and then sew along the slanted cut line. You should now have a sewn long piece with one closed corner and one open corner. Turn the fabric in on itself — essentially stuff the sewn corner into the long piece, so that the inseam is hidden. Finally clip the last corner diagonally and sew it shut — aim for a clean seam as this one won’t be hidden. I recommend tucking one side of it so that two pieces overlap and then sewing for a cleaner look.

And you’re done!! It’s that easy. Add it to your hand for a cute detail or a bag, like I did when I went to the horse races the other weekend!

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Are you interested in more DIYs like this? Let me know & comment below!!



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