Holiday-Themed Healthy Snacks

I’ve been sampling so many amazing holiday snacks this season, and I thought it’d be fun to share! So, I present to you this quick bonus post with some that have been at the top of my list. Now though elves like to stick to the main four food groups (candy, candy cane, candy corns, and syrup hehe), I can guarantee you’ll indulge in these healthier snacks with a big smile and a load of holiday cheer.

1. Peppermint PÜR Gum

PÜR is one of my absolute favorite brands of gum. They’re aspartame-free, which means the gum doesn’t not have the synthetic sugar aspartame, which is often found in diet sodas and other gums. I love how long the flavor lasts, and Peppermint (they also have Candy Cane in this special gift pack!) is perfect for the holiday season. A super fun DIY trick that my mom came up with to make it even cuter is to draw a little snowman face on each of the little white gum pieces! All you need are two thin black and orange Sharpies, and you can add eyes, a coal smile, and a carrot nose!

2. Bobo’s Gingerbread Oat Bar

loveeeeee Bobo’s Oat Bars. They’re always so flavor-packed and moist. The gingerbread is like a yummy, healthier version of a muffin. The ginger packs the perfect punch for a festive treat. Talk about a delicious snack or breakfast with a cup of coffee! And how cute would this one be added to a package? I love the little Santa hat on the label — such a great touch!

3. Gingerbread LÄRABAR 

LÄRABARs are always superb. They have minimal ingredients — dates, nuts and in this case, carrots, ginger, and allspice! They always taste fresh. This one is particularly tasty, just because the ginger is subtle but still savory. I’m one for rich flavors, and this combination is well-balanced. Definitely something to try and recommend!


4. LUNA Chocolate Peppermint Bar

I love the fact that this granola bar is so unique and very holiday-inspired! And for lack of a better description, imagine a minty brownie in your mouth because that’s what this scrumptious LUNA Bar tastes like! This one is meant to be eaten as a supplement after exercising, but wrapping tons of presents counts, am I right?! 😉

5. CLIF Iced Gingerbread Bar

So, yes. ANOTHER gingerbread bar! But this one is more nutritionally dense and great as a post-exercise or workout snack. It has a delightful spice to it and is really filling. When I’ve gotten carried away with Christmas shopping and don’t really have a chance to eat a substantial meal, it’s a foolproof substitute. 😉

6. KIND Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Bar

KIND Bars are the greatest; they have dozens of flavors! This one fits the bill for holiday sweets. The mint is absolutely impeccable. I’m a sucker for mint always, and with dark chocolate too?! The best! Holiday flavors can sometimes be polarizing — people go crazy for everything gingerbread, peppermint, and eggnog (guilty as charged! 😉 ) or like them just ok — so this bar is a stellar in-between.

7. Wild Friends Gingerbread Peanut Butter

Oh my goodness, for the last week, this has been the special treat I’ve been looking forward to every morning. Smeared over a piece of Food for Life Baking Ezekiel raisin bread toast — SO good! It’s still pretty healthy because contrary to the way it sounds, it’s not a cookie butter. The peanut flavor is very subtle and masked with spices, so it’s energy-packed and delicious — the best of both worlds! Wild Friends has excellent nut butters, and this is no exception.


Do you have any favorite holiday-themed snacks? Comment below or find me on Instagram at @youngcosmopolite and comment on my most recent pic! I’m always on the hunt for new treats!



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