Holiday Gift Guide For Her — Under $30!

It’s so hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner. I love winter and the festivities that come with it — the warm drinks, the songs, the knit sweaters, the ever-present cheer. I’m promising that next week’s posts will be dedicated strictly to Thanksgiving and honoring the true meaning of giving thanks, but in preparation for Black Friday and the upcoming gift-giving season, I’ve prepared two gift guides — one for her and one for him to get the wheels in your heads spinning about potential gifts to give to your loved ones this season.


1. Kate Spade Scallop Phone Pocket ($28)

As a college student, my campus ID is often my one-stop-shop for event entrances, bus rides, and meal purchases. A.K.A. it always needs to be accessible. I know I’m not the only person who faces this struggle — metro cards, bus passes, credit cards, sometimes things need to be right at hand. These stickers attach to the back of your phone (which is perpetually in my hand) or phone case and allow you to slip in a card for handy access. Between that and the adorable scallops, talk about cute and functional!


2. Kate Spade Out to Lunch Tote ($30)

You’re never too old for a lunch box, and I’m all over how sophisticated this looks. On my long days when I don’t have time to make it home for lunch, I pack it to-go, and I’m all over how chic this one is. Gifts that a person can use on the daily are always great — that way, they’re always remembering the special person who gave it to them each time they use it!



3. Rifle Paper Co. 2017 Herb Garden Wall Calendar ($18)

I love picking out a calendar for the new year, and no one does it better than Rifle Paper Co. December is such a perfect month to gift someone something that’ll kick off her new year and put a smile on her face every morning. This style is filled with multi-colored flower wreaths and looks like it would brighten up any wall. The gold lettering is a nice touch too!


4. Rifle Paper Co. Beauté Set of 2-Pocket Notebooks ($10)

My mom has gotten in this wonderful habit of giving me decorated notebooks for almost every occasion. Honestly, pro-tip: always carry a notebook to jot things down, be it grocery lists, ideas, thoughts, to-do’s. It’s fun to look back and see what was going on in the weeks or months prior. I loved how femme these look, and again Rifle Paper Co. tends to have really excellent quality items.


5. Sephora 6 Facemask Set ($25)

Nothing says “treat yourself” like a facemask. In life’s craziness, it can be so easy to forget self-care, and sometimes the best gift you can give a friend is an excuse to pamper herself. Sephora has this really cool collection of 6 different facemasks, so she’s bound to find one she falls in love with. And who knows? Maybe it could turn into a girls’ night, and you could snag one too!


6. Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit  ($16)

This is seriously a life-saving gift. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said a silent prayer for having this pack on me (See: pouring coffee on the whole cuff on a new white long sleeve in the dining hall and forgetting to put deodorant on before one of my workouts HA). We’re human, and things happen. Your girlfriend will be thanking you every time life’s slip-ups mess with her day.


7. Sugarfina Mini Martini Giftset ($24)

I cannot get over how cute this is. For a friend who is always in the mood for some fun and a laugh, I think this will do the trick. Sugarfina is ridiculously creative and delicious when it comes to candy. Plus she’ll have the memento martini shaker as a fun decoration after she finishes the chocolate olives, and who doesn’t love that?

8. Kate Spade “Let’s Do Lunch” Business Card Holder ($20)

This business card holder is so simple and elegant, and I love the confident quip on the front. I think I speak for women of all ages when I say a dignified gift like this never goes unappreciated and is one of those unforgettable pieces that’s forever in style. Also, what better way to motivate someone to start the new year off with a bang?


9. Clinique A Little Happiness Set ($19.50)

Last year during the Black Friday sales, I decided to give Clinique’s “Happy” scent a go. I bought one of the mini perfumes and since then, have almost used the whole thing! I’ve been complimented on its light flowery fragrance, and the little perfumes are such a great gift for someone who wants the conveniency of throwing one in her purse for a quick spritz.


Bonus! What’s on my Christmas list this year.


The Ramblers ($11)

It’s about 3 women described as “confused souls” finding themselves and discovering who they are as friends and individuals, set in New York City. I’m always on the lookout for heartwarming, relatable books, and when I read about it’s release in The New Yorker, it sounded like a really excellent read (and since, has gotten great reviews!).



Canon EOS Rebel T5 18-55 IS II Kit ($399)

I’ve really been on the hunt for a DSLR camera lately, mostly because I want to take pictures for you all! I am Canon fan, and having used a Rebel before. I’ve found them to be pretty good without massively breaking the bank as some really impressive cameras upwards of $1,000 will do. I’m still exploring models, but this one has been catching my eye.


Marc Jacobs Beauty Lipstick Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 216 ($30)

Initially, I tried this lipstick in sample size, but I really loved its nude-pinkish tones. It’s perfect for fall and winter because it’s a little darker than a bright spring pink, but still has rosy hue to it that I, as a pink-lover, appreciate. It goes on really smoothly, and I think I’m ready to get the full-size. Perks of trying the sample first is sometimes you find products you love!


Comment below if you have any other gift guide suggestions this holiday season, or what’s on your wish list! And look out for the men’s gift guide, coming this Friday!








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