Holiday Bow Accessories DIY

Happy Monday!! This week, I am so excited to share with you two posts about something you know I love: bows.

I think it’s fair to say that bows have monumentally increased in popularity over the last year, and thank goodness for that! They’re fun and feminine, graceful and girly! About a month ago, I stumbled across this DIY (it since has shown up on my Pinterest feed at least 12 separate times!). I immediately put it on my “Do over Thanksgiving Break” list. In the meantime though, I saw this embellished bow barrette from J.Crew and thought to myself hey, what if I step up my bow DIY to include all kinds of different bows, including embellished ones? So today, I am elated to present to you a (holiday-inspired) bow tutorial on how to make all kinds of bow accessories for under $5!

Materials you will need (from top left to right):

General Directions

In ordering the ribbon online, I scoured Amazon. They sell huge bulk sections of velvet ribbon (my main selection — I find it so romantic!) for under $10 with over 20 colors included. I purchased 3/8″ size but to be completely honest, buying the 5/8″ size would have been a good call too. Besides that, I used 5/8″ satin burgundy ribbon, 5/8″ black velvet ribbon, 5/8″ pink velvet ribbon, and 2″ black satin ribbon. But personalize your ribbon selection however you want!

To begin, I roughly followed the directions of the DIY I found and will summarize here:

  1. Start by cutting the ribbon into 8″ (sometimes I did larger, sometimes smaller depending on the bow), two 5-7″ pieces (these will be the tails so decide if you want a long or short tail) and a 1.5″ piece.
  2. Take the 8″ piece of ribbon and folding it half, creating a crease on the fold with your fingernail.
  3. Open the ribbon and place a line of hot glue along the backside of the crease. Fold each side in.
  4. Take the 1.5″ piece and glue it to the middle of the backside of the bow. Fold it around and glue it to the backside. Trim away any excess.
  5. Align the two remaining pieces together – with backsides facing each other. Trim the ends at a 45 degree angle. Apply a light coat of nail polish top coat so they don’t unravel.
  6. Place a drop of hot glue at the top of the ribbons and secure the bow on top.
  7. Presto! Mix and match layers and fabrics of bows, lengths of ribbons, bow sizes, anything you want! This is where creativity can shine. I liked testing all kinds of different matches to see how they would look.
  8. Continue to the next directions for what bow carrier you should use:


For a clip in bow that’s effortless and chic (perfect to slide into a half up-do or ponytail), opt for an alligator clip barette. In the feature image, I used barettes on the navy pearl, the black satin three-tiered, the black satin classic, the red long, the pink pearl, the striped, and the burgundy and red mix.

To accomplish, simply apply a line of glue to the back of the barrette, and press your bow on the clip.

Hair Elastic

For something that looks clean but requires little effort (great for a ponytail or bun), consider an elastic hair tie! In the feature image, I used a hair elastic with the auburn single.

To accomplish, just cut an additional 1″ piece of ribbon and apply a thin layer of glue to the back of your bow. Press your bow onto the outside of a hair elastic. Then, take your extra piece and and glue from the top of the back of the bow, over the elastic, to the bottom back of the bow to reupholster.


For something elegant and unique (great to add to coats, sweaters, and tees), try a bow brooch! In the feature image, I used a bar pin (like a safety pin with one flat edge) for the black pearl and the little pearl olive.

I created two styles of pin bows. For both, just apply a thin layer of glue to the back of the bow and press onto the flat edge of the bar pin. In the case of the black pearl, I went for a bigger bow to add to a coat in the center (see: a similar Kate Spade coat concepthere). Then with the little olive pearl, I went for a little pin to add to a coat as a brooch or to affix to the center of a sweater for a sweet detail (see: a similar J.Crew sweater concepthere).


For a final refined touch, I added some pearls to certain bows! I used this tape from Recollections, a brand exclusively carried at Michael’s (this is unsponsored, just a fan of their product!). In the feature image, I used pearls on the navy pearl, the pink pearl, the little pearl olive, and the black pearl.

Application depended on the bow. For some I hand peeled the individual pearls off and applied them with a hot clue gun (tweezers or a toothpick help!). For others I took a whole strip of tape, cut it to size, and applied hot glue to the back to add to the bow. And voilà!

Hopefully you enjoyed today’s post! I had so much fun making it, and I know these little bows will be making more appearances over YC soon. Outfit details and inspiration for this post found below!

Kensie Cherrywood Lace Floral Top // Clinique A Different Grape // Essie Fishnet Stockings // B.B. Dakota coat (similar found here and here!) // Black Clutches (similar found here and here!)

What bow combination would you do? Comment below!



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  1. The bows are so cute!!! I love all of them.

    1. Courtney, thanks!! They are so easy to make ❤️

  2. I can’t wait to make these….there perfect for Christmas gifts! Thank you!!!!

    1. So glad you like!!

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