Secret Santa Gifts for Him Under $30

I took a poll on Instagram Story last week asking if you wanted to see a Him/Hers Gift Guide with gifts under $50 or a Secret Santa Gift Guide with gifts under $30. The votes were almost split down the middle. Soooo, I combined both ideas to give you Part 1: today’s post! My first thought when buying gifts is, what the heck do I get all of the wonderful women in my life? Guys are always a little bit of an afterthought. So I decided, let’s kick it off with the harder individuals  to buy for — to all the fathers, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, just friends, and onward, I give you a men’s Secret Santa Gift Guide!

J.Crew Factory Crew-Neck Sweater

This sweater is classic and available at such a bargain price! A staple for really any guy — be it a boyfriend, husband, brother, or friend — is a versatile sweater. They can layer it or wear it plain, but it’s a gift that won’t go unused. J.Crew’s sweaters are consistently top-notch and never scratchy.

J.Crew Leather Phone Case

It’s hard in this grab-and-go world not to lament taking a whole wallet from time-to-time. My favorite feature of this phone case is how it doubles as a card holderhow convenient! Also, the leather is quite suave, so undoubtedly form plus function equals a perfect Secret Santa buy!

Harry’s Shaving Set

Target did a similar collab with Harry’s last year, which I coincidentally put on last year’s gift guide. We ended up buying my brother one of those kits, so fast forward to today and he’s now an avid Harry’s fan. In his words, “the razors just work well and the branding is professional, but also young and fresh.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Sanders

A top seller. This compelling read follows the death of Abraham Lincoln’s son Willie and the ensuing loss and grief Lincoln experiences. The book brings on a strange supernatural element, and is said to be “a luminous feat of generosity and humanism.” I love giving books as a more thoughtful option, especially if you read the book too — such a fun discussion to have later on!

Mark & Graham Charging Carabiner

I have this constant problem where my phone dies. Ask any friend, it dies (often more than once) every day. So this little nifty, not to mention sleek, charger seems like quite a handy commodity. Chances are the guy in your life with appreciate something simple, functional, and portable — and hey his phone will never die now either!

Anthropologie Gilded Monogram Glass

You can’t go wrong with a monogram, especially on a traditional glass like this one. The look is polished and vintage. As a personal water glass or to hold something a little harder, I think this will have other Secret Santas asking you, where did you find something so stylish

Goodfellow Plaid Scarf

Sometimes I think in the huge world of female accessories (bags, jewelry, hats, scarves of all types, the list goes on!), it can  be easy to forget that guys like accessories too. I love the simplicity of this scarf — the plaid is mature but still youthful. Plus Target’s new Goodfellow brand has been nailing it lately!

Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is the smaller but equally powerful version of the Amazon Echo. It listens when you speak and reacts by playing music, reading off your calendar, telling you the weather, etc., etc. To open something like this during Secret Santa would likely excite anyone, especially because the price is currently discounted!

William & Sonoma Cast-Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is a must in the kitchen (pro-tip though: never wash it! This takes away some of the flavor that collects from wear over time.). It’s just a household item that will open tons of new doors for your guy to explore — maybe pass along this pan roast chicken recipe or this recipe for perfect pan-seared pork chops.

Kiehl’s First Class Essentials Collection

Companies that have been around the block a few times and know what they’re doing are the ones to invest in. Kiehl’s is like that. It just knows what it’s doing, and the company’s products are well-loved for a reason. This kit is perfect for a guy who travels and available for only $25!

Vineyard Vines Mahi Christmas Socks & Truck and Tree Socks

I can’t get over how festive these socks are!! And also punny — the “Mahi Christmas” pair features little mahi tuna fish with Santa hats on — I love! The other pair available is fun too — with little Christmas trees atop station wagons. Fun socks are a general crowd pleaser — you can’t go wrong with them!

There are so many cute wrapping supplies out this year, and I wanted to do a small feature here at the end of some of my favorites. I love every aspect of gift-giving, from selecting the gift I know will touch the person to whom I’m giving, to picking out the wrapping paper and tags, to adding final touches like pieces of pine or a bright red bow. One of my favorite companies to get gift items from is Rifle Paper Co. (you can see many of their items below!). If you head on over to their website, you can get 15% off with YC15-SANTA from today until Wednesday, December 6.

Who are you buying for this holiday season?


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  1. These are good gift ideas. I love the phone case.

    1. My favorite too! Leave it to J.Crew to design something so classic 👍🏻

  2. So many great gift ideas!!! Definitely have my eye on purchasing a couple of these! Thanks for great post! 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading!! You and me both ❤️🙈

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