Get To Know Me

Hi, everyone! I came across this tag on YouTube and thought it’d be fun to do, especially for all you new readers out there. It’s 25 questions — some quick, some more personal — to learn more about me! 1. What is your middle name? Danielle, after my grandfather, whose middle name was Daniel! 2. What is […]

Pop-Up Shop

Happy Black Friday! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. My family celebrated my grandfather’s 20th anniversary of passing, which coincidentally fell on November 24th this year too. Naturally, I’m still suffering from a food coma, because I ate sooooo much. No regrets though. It was fantastic. Another fun note! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is premiering!!! Gilmore Girls has […]

The Debut

If you’ve kept up with me since I started blogging, then you’d know that I initially started on a platform with the name Then I went off to work at a magazine this past summer where one of my jobs was to comb through bloggers we could feature and reach out to them […]

Hi There!

I’ve found that I’m big fan of formal introductions. There’s something so gratifying about shaking someone’s hand, flashing them a smile, personally connecting if only for just a second. It’s silly, but I like to imagine that invisible threads tether each person together, like the second you shake a person’s hand, a little piece of […]