Black Friday A-Z Guide

It’ is *officially* the most wonderful time of the year!! Haul out the holly and string some twinkle lights up, it’s the Christmas season!! And did you notice something special? It’s snowing on YC!! I have a feeling this pretty little winter storm is going to last all season long. 😉 Now, the first day of […]

Happy One Year, YC!

A year ago today, I nonchalantly pressed “Publish” on Young Cosmopolite for the first time. It was after months of working nights and weekends pouring thought and love into my little secret project. For no particular reason other than impatience — I just wanted the thing to go live! — I picked Thursday, November 3 […]

Get To Know Me

Hi, everyone! I came across this tag on YouTube and thought it’d be fun to do, especially for all you new readers out there. It’s 25 questions — some quick, some more personal — to learn more about me! 1. What is your middle name? Danielle, after my grandfather, whose middle name was Daniel! 2. What is […]

Pop-Up Shop

Happy Black Friday! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday. My family celebrated my grandfather’s 20th anniversary of passing, which coincidentally fell on November 24th this year too. Naturally, I’m still suffering from a food coma, because I ate sooooo much. No regrets though. It was fantastic. Another fun note! Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is premiering!!! Gilmore Girls has […]