Brunching in Berkeley

From my time here in Berkeley, I’ve learned one thing for sure: the food is on point. College has taught me to loveeee brunch — it’s cost-effective (two meals for the price of one!), a great way to lazily enjoy the weekend mornings with friends, and a whole new level of yum. Here are my favorite Berkeley brunch spots, all worth checking out if you’re in the Bay Area (DISCLAIMER: plan to wait around one hour for each of these or get there early!):

1. La Note

La Note is acclaimed as the best brunch in Berkeley for a reason. It’s authentic French dishes are enticing, (I almost always get oaufs/eggs with goat cheese and roasted tomatoes) and the bright and bubbly atmosphere is exactly what a brunch restaurant should look like. I highly recommend getting a bread basket for the table to share, as the pastries and house-made jam are worth a try. // 2377 Shattuck Ave

2. Elmwood Cafe

Tucked in quaint Elmwood, Elmwood Cafe is the first place I name when someone asks me for any recommendation in Berkeley. My favorite thing to order is actually during lunch (Free-Range Spicy Chicken Sandwich with roasted bell peppers and arugula!), but I also love their breakfast/brunch. They make one different type of quiche and frittata and change the flavor of their batch of scones every day but once these run out, they’re completely out — so opt to get there by 10 a.m. on weekends if you’re craving one of these (and trust me, their scones are to-die-for). // 2900 College Ave

3. Rick & Ann’s Restaurant

Rick & Ann’s is always a breath of fresh air as far as brunch goes. It’s a tad out of the general vicinity of campus and tasteful in its comfort food offerings. One of my favorite things to order is the Manhattan Plate, which includes a bagel with eggs and lox, but I’ve honestly never gone wrong. The spot is bustling with early morning activity, and there’s a cute flower stand nearby too, which basically makes the whole brunch affair idyllic. // 2922 Domingo Avenue

4. Venus Restaurant

I’ve only recently tried Venus, which is a few doors down from La Note, but I have to say I was pleased with its Mexican/Indian fusion food. I went for an egg scramble with butternut squash, cauliflower, and spinach with a morning glory muffin — which was warm and cinnamon-y and really scrumptious. I’ll probably be making another trip here before the semester’s up for sure. // 2327 Shattuck Ave

5. Babette Cafe

Though not as much of a restaurant, Babette — located inside of BAMPFA (Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive) — has really excellent coffee and a few daily breakfast items, ranging from hashes to crepes to avocado toast. I’m always really excited to come here for something a little different (though one caveat is that it’s a little pricier) and checking out BAMPFA is also a fun pastime. // 2155 Center St

Comment below if you’ve been to or want to go to one of these places — or if you think there’s a restaurant I should add to the list!

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