Bow Sweater

The 12 Days of Christmas have almost begun! I hope you all have been embracing the holiday spirit. I go home Friday and will finally, finally have some time to go ice skating, pick out a Christmas tree, bake, and do some holiday shopping!! In the meantime, I’ve been crushing on this new sweater I found on sale! Bows are my absolute favorite. There rarely goes a day when I don’t have them integrated in my wardrobe in some way — be it in my hair, on my clothes, tied in a scarf around my neck, or in a piece of jewelry. When I found this one, I knew I was getting an early Christmas present.

During the winter months, a pop of red goes a long way. My favorite way to integrate it is with a brightly-colored scarf or handbag. I love how striking this one is; it’s timeless. It fits my essentials, and it goes just as well paired with a dress and heels as it does my jeans and flats. I appreciate the fact that this one is a little bit of a deeper red, though a brilliant red would’ve worked great with this outfit too. A darker color tends to have a more sophisticated tone, while poppier reds are perfect for a fun party. I’m a fan of both.

I’ve said it before, but another thing I’ve been loving lately is red lipstick. Clinique is my go-to for a lot of make-up, though I’m trying to experiment and branch out! I do love their products though, and I definitely hadn’t taken advantage of the red lip too much before this year. I owe it to finding a couple of good reds that fit me well. I mentioned how you can go about that in my post here. It’s really a undertaking, but very worth it!

I had to mirror the bow on this sweater with a matching one in my hair. 🙂 To accomplish this look, I curled my hair from bottom up with a 1.5-inch wand, then pulled it out to create some waves, grabbed two sections that framed the front of my face, pulled them behind, and secured with a clear elastic. I took a piece of black velvet ribbon (see where you can get some below!) of about 11-12 inches and tied in a bow!

As for the shoes, I’ve worn these everywhere! They’re such a staple, and I’m always on the hunt for some cute flats because of all the walking I have to do on campus.

I’m hoping you all enjoy this look as much as I do. Happy Monday! The start of a new week means new beginnings and new opportunities, so be sure to “sleigh” this one. 😉

Banana Republic Bow Sweater (unfortunately this sweater sold out, but find other bow sweaters I love  herehere,  here, and here  // KanCan Jeans // Target Tie-Up Shoes (also seen in my post here) // Red Rectangle Crossbody (similar found here and here ) // Black Velvet Ribbon (also seen in my posts here and here) // Clinique Matte Crimson (also seen in my post here) // Essie Bordeaux 

As I grown more in-tune with my style, I’ve decided that bows are one of my favorite details when looking for something to wear. Do you have a favorite detail that catches your eye? Comment below!





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