Bonjour from SF: Pink Beret & Pink Bouclé

Every finals season, I stress out just a little bit that I will fall massively behind on YC, but we made it! Later this afternoon is the last final (wish me luck!) of my penultimate college semester….one more to go! Tomorrow I am flying home to Christmas cookies and movies and ice skating and so much more. And in a few weeks I’m off to New York!!! Can you tell I’m excited? 😉 What says city chic more than monochromatic, except today I’ve traded black for pink! And yes, I will most definitely be packing this outfit for my trip in a few weeks.

Berets have certainly been à la mode this season, and though this pink beret isn’t the first I’ve owned or worn, I definitely grew my collection! When out and about, I got several compliments from complete strangers on my outfit, and I really think the beret pulls the ensemble together! The color is exquisite too. (I mean it’s dusty pink, hellooo!!) I found some other similar styles adorned with pearls and stars I love too!

This jacket is currently so popular, it sold out online! I’m praying for a restock and am so sorry about the untimeliness of this post. I know it still is available at some stores (Old Navy), though this option is really similar. Coming from a girl who owns many coats and jackets (almost one for every color of the rainbow, and I’m not kidding), a luscious pink option got me excited. The woven bouclé adds a unique texture to the whole look, and I’m excited to wear this more in the city next month!

The last part of this one-color number is this turtleneck top, which generally might go unnoticed. But, it’s on sale right now (yay!). Plus, it’s become one of my favorite chilly weather throw-ons since I’ve bought it. I feel so comfortable in its boxy fit and slightly starchy material. Also, finding turtlenecks in this color isn’t easy, so nab one up before they sell out!

Did I successfully bring a little French je ne sais quoi to San Francisco? 😉 Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!

Old Navy Blush Textured Bouclé (may still be in store! similar found here!) // Madewell Coral Boxy Turtleneck // ASOS Pink Beret (similar found here, here, here and here!) // Black Leggings // Over-the-Knee Boots (similar found here and here!) // Clinique Raspberry Glace // Sally Hansen Making Mauves

Comment below what color of beret you would pick out!



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  1. I love all the pink. The beret and the coat are so cute!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Any excuse to wear pink 💕🙈

  2. Such a fun outfit!!! You look great in pink!!!

    1. Ah thanks!! Love me some pink 🤗

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