20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Today, I’m celebrating! It’s my 20th birthday. ūüôā It’s strange to think I’ve been alive for two decades. But I’m spending the day someone I love (hi, mom!) shopping, sipping coffee, and lunching at one of my favorite places in Laguna (looking at you, Nick’s). I’ve barely gotten to the appetizer round in the multi-course meal that is life, but I’ve found joy in every second and can’t wait to sample some more. Without further ado,

1. Cities are amazing.

Since I’ve been in college, I’ve taken a class on consumer culture, a class on the history of Broadway and New York, and a class about the development of American cities. Cities fascinate¬†me! New York is my favorite, but every city is a wonder of the world with its own personality.

2. Little purchases are worth it if they bring you daily happiness.

There are some things I look at everyday that just put a smile on my face (like¬†this New York trinket dish!) and instead of groveling about whether or not you need it, sometimes it’s nice just treat yourself to something that will brighten your day.

3. Just do it…talking about it can only get you so far.

The distance between an idea and success at that idea is actually doing it. I’ve found this to be the hardest part, because life doesn’t work like that cute little movie montage where the lead powers through the hard work in the duration of one song.¬†Embrace the present and motivate yourself to start chipping away at that next step ASAP.

4. Fake it ’til you make it.¬†

There’s this thing called “Imposter Syndrome.” Essentially, it’s the feeling you may experience when you enter a new job, university, friend group, etc. and feel out of place.¬†Sometimes you just have to act like you do belong until you actually do, because who really knows what they’re doing at first anyway?

5. Keep a jar of clothespins always….they’re so¬†helpful.

I have a mason jar filled of these under my bed. They seal food, they close curtains, they let you hang up cards and photos in your room, and¬†in desperate situations, they hold papers together when you’re out of staples. I’ve lent clothespins to friends for the¬†randomest¬†things, so they’re handy.

6. Organization is a game-changer.

I’m so much more productive when everything is in its rightful place.

7. Learn to want to be physically stronger and more capable rather than look a certain way. 

It’s a lot more fun to out-run one of your best friends (I know from experience haha) than to be stressing about everything you’re putting in your body or working off your body. Health takes precedence.

8. Sing. Loudly.

I sing everywhere, and I kinda stopped worrying about what people think. It’s pure bliss. ūüôā

9. Get good at rejection.

Rejection happens and it hurts, but you accept it, get over it, and move on to bigger and better things.

10. I’m a lot more like my parents than I thought I’d be.

I like cooking and jazz music (my dad). I look at the design of the¬†packaging on food and analyze¬†the outfits of¬†mannequin displays (my mom). I should’t be so surprised by this, but it catches me off guard!

11. Friends can care about you in a unexpected way.

People outside of your family can seriously be there for you.

12. Thoughtfulness is one of the best qualities a person can have.

People appreciate when you remember the little things…it goes a long way.

13. Mom is always right.

Sorry for all the times I didn’t listen. ūüėČ

14. Quiet walks shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It’s the best time for thinking and shouldn’t be clouded out all the time with headphones and music.

15. Coffee heals all wounds.

I’ve had late night laughs, woken up to a brighter world many mornings, and even made and saved friendships¬†over a simple cup.

16. Every season is wonderful.

I’d say I’m a fall girl. But I get giddy¬†at the start of winter and spring and summer too! Every one has it’s own style and flare, and that’s worth celebrating!

17. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst you can receive is a¬†“no.”

This applies to the girl whose outfit you like or that internship you’ve been eyeing.

18. Life is too short to hold grudges. 

Sometimes it takes sucking up your pride and¬†apologizing or letting go¬†to make things right —¬†it’s a lot more trouble to hold onto negativity.

19. Creativity gives life color.

I’ve sampled the gamut of¬†artistic endeavors — painting,¬†pastel work, sewing, knitting, music, theater,¬†typography, graphic art, journalism — because I find supreme joy in the act of creating.

20. Be unapologetically you.

You will find the right people who love you for you, and more importantly, you’ll love yourself.


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