12 Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer

It’s that time of the month when Back-to-School really starts to come to mind, but I wanted to write one last fully-devoted summer post before transitioning. I was making a list of all the things I want to do to enjoy my last days of summer, when I figured, why not write a post about it. There are still so many ways to enjoy the last of the season! I came up with 12 easy and worthwhile things to make the most of these final sunny August days!! (Also, scroll to the bottom for outfit details!)

1. Eat Dinner Outside

The sun doesn’t go down until around 8 p.m., and the weather in most areas in still nice and warm. It’s perfect for a meal outside, but it won’t be for long — so take advantage now!

2. Hit Up the End-of-Summer Sales

There are so many great summer promotions going on right now and tons of things to find on the sale racks. Bathing suits are most affordable right now, so consider picking up one that will last into next season (I love this $45 red J.Crew bow one-piece and this $40 white scalloped halter and bottoms).

3. Look for Events in Your Area

There are tons of movie-in-the-park nights and concerts-in-the-park still going on. Check your city’s recreation page to find out what’s happening around you!

4. Make Homemade Ice Cream

Cool down in the heat with a big scoop of homemade ice cream. It’s easy and truly unbeatable. Try this vanilla recipe if you have an ice cream making machine and this one if you don’t have a machine.

5. Heat Up the BBQ

The smell of patties grilling says summer to me! Get some burgers going and maybe some vegetable skewers, throw on some tunes, and soak in the sweet aroma of summer.

6. Find a Good Summer Movie

Putting on a classic summer flick might be just the trick for reminding you the season isn’t over yet. My recommendations: Moana, Finding Dory, E.T., Jaws, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Notebook, Roman Holiday, Moonrise Kingdom, Mamma Mia!

7. Have a Picnic

Pack a few sandwiches to go, and head to someplace pretty. Unplugging and spending some quality time with nature is the best way to appreciate summer’s beauty.

8. Pitch a Tent in Your Backyard

Go on one last camping excursion by pitching a tent in your backyard and staying up late to stargaze. Sharing stories and conversation is the perfect way to reminisce about the last few months and make new memories — and don’t forget to make s’mores over the BBQ!

9. Go to a Country Fair

See if a country fair is headed your way or in a neighboring town, and go for the day! Nothing says summer like roasted corn, carnival games, and farm animals.

10. Load Up on Fruits & Veggies at a Farmers Market

Summer fruits and veggies are the best!! Fall will bring an enjoyable harvest too, but right now, cherries, peaches, nectarines, berries, watermelon, avocados, eggplant, corn, zucchini, tomatoes, and beets are all at their peak — need I say more? Head to your nearest farmers market to stock up and try something new (maybe this roasted tomato and chive flatbread or this summer peach salad).

11. Wake Up to See the Sunrise

Warm summer mornings make it so much easier to get up, so make the most of your day and rise early to catch the first rays. Try to find a peaceful place with a view, and bring a thermos of coffee for a truly serene morning.

12. Take One Last Swim

Summer is synonymous with swimming, so find that beach or lake or pool, and take a dip. Savor it — every moment — and know that summer is never too far away!

Onia Black Deep Neck Swimsuit // Vineyard Vines White Pants (similar found here and here!) // Target Striped Headband // Red Suede Tie Slides (similar found here!) // White Oval Sunglasses // L’Oreal Blake Red 

Do you have any final summer plans? Comment below!




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  1. LOVE these ideas and this post!!! You look amazing!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Marcel! Hope you’re enjoying the last of summer ☀️💗

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