10 Holiday Hairstyles with Ribbons & Bows

Hope you are all having a bow-tiful Wednesday! I come to you today with a second part to my ribbon and bow posts. Check out Monday’s easy DIY on how to make the sweetest clothing and hair accessories! I don’t know about you, but I find the holidays to be the most perfect time to add a bow or ribbon as a little extra panache to any hairstyle! I love experimenting with different textures (satin, velvet, grosgrain, literally anything and everything!), thickness, length, and even styles (I popped into a local Chanel store and asked for some extra ribbon to tie my hair with, but saving branded ribbon from packages is such a unique touch!)  I brainstormed 10 hairstyles you can do on yourself that are sure to turn heads this season — and bonus! I named them after some of my fashion icons — real and fictional, past and present — can you guess who they are in the comments below? 😉

The Audrey

For this super chic bun, just pull your hair into a ponytail, wrapping your elastic around. Don’t pull the ponytail all the way through, creating a bun. Take the tail and bobby pin in to the base of your neck (feel free to fold the hair under and then bobby pin if you have longer hair). Take a ribbon (2-inch thickness is great!) ~24 inches and wrap around the elastic, tying in a big bow at the base!

The Blair

For this twirly twist, first secure your hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck with an elastic. Next, create a hole in the ponytail above the elastic with your finger. Take the tail of your ponytail and shove it through the top of the hole, and pull the remainder of hair through, so that you flip the hair, creating a twist. Tie a thin ribbon ~30 inches into a bow to hide the elastic!

The Carrie

To create this darling half up-do, begin by curling your hair into tight curls with a 1 1/2 rod (they will fall nicely!). Then make a subtle side part with a comb and pull the top front pieces of each side connecting at the back. Pull out one or two small pieces in the front to add a little texture. Secure with big bobby pins in the back or a small clear elastic. You can wrap a ~14 inch ribbon around the base and tie into a bow, or add a hair clip that you can make for under $5 from my DIY!

The Elizabeth

To create this elegant topknot, first pull your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Secure with an elastic, and twist the ponytail so that the first 3-4 inches of your ponytail are taut and twisted. Take the twisted ponytail and wrap it around the elastic create a topknot. Secure with bobby pins. Next, take a ribbon ~28 inches and wrap around your head. Tie it into a big bow at the base!

The Katharine

To accomplish this romantic low side ponytail, start by curling your hair with a 1 1/2-inch rod. Create a side part with a comb, and then, take the curls and secure them into a loose ponytail with an elastic at the base of the neck. Tie a ribbon of ~20 inches into a loose bow!

The Eloise

For this girly ribbon headband, simply take a spool of ribbon (you will probably need ~24 inches), measure against your head, and cut to size. Wrap around your head, tie a soft temporary knot. Remove and tie into a bow and then put all the way over your head, push your hair back and over the ribbon, and life the ribbon over your head!

The Julia

For this fun and flirty fishtail (or for something simpler, braid) pull your hair into a ponytail and separate  into two smaller, equal-sized pieces. Take a small piece from the back of ponytail A and move it to ponytail B. Then take a piece from the back of ponytail B and move to ponytail A. Continue to do this exchange of pieces (the fishtail will start to take form after 20 or so pieces) until you get to the bottom. Secure with a clear elastic. Tie a thin piece of ribbon ~8 inches into a bow!

The Grace

To do this stylish wrapped low ponytail, gather your hair at the base of the neck and secure with an elastic. Take a ribbon of ~20 inches, and starting ~8 inches inward,  begin wrapping. Wrap above the elastic close to the base of the head, working down (some pieces of ribbon should overlap). Once the ponytail is covered, tie the remaining piece with the ~8-inch piece into a bow, and cut the excess.

The L.C.

For this plucky high ponytail, just gather your hair into a ponytail and brush to the top of the crown (flipping your head over can help!). Try to smooth all bumps and secure with an elastic. Push the ponytail higher by pulling sections of hair to tighten and center. Tie a ribbon of ~12 inches into a bow!

The Jackie

To make this femme half-up-do, begin by curling your hair using a 1 1/2 inch rod. Then, use a comb to create a subtle side part. Swoop your hair back with your fingers, picking up the top hairs from each side along the way. Secure with a clear elastic. Tie a ribbon (2-inch thickness works beautifully) ~24 inches into a bow!

Kensie Cherrywood Lace Floral Top // Clinique A Different Grape // Essie Fishnet Stockings // B.B. Dakota coat (similar found here and here!) // Black Clutches (similar found here and here!)

Comment below what hairstyle do you want to try this holiday season!



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  1. Love these hair styles and the tutorials on how to create them. Can’t wait to try!!!!

    1. They are so easy and perfect for the holidays!!

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