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  • Get To Know Me

    Hi, everyone! I came across this tag on YouTube and thought it’d be fun to do, especially for all you new readers out there. It’s 25 questions — some quick, some more personal — to learn more about me! 1. What is your middle name? Danielle, after my grandfather, whose middle name was Daniel! 2. What is […]

  • Fashion
  • Silk Scarves

    I am such a lover of silk scarves. My appreciation for them started around my sophomore year of high school, and since has grown into a flourishing obsession! Adding one to spice up an outfit automatically adds a little personality and flair. I love adding to my collection, especially as silk scarves come in all sizes […]

  • Fashion
  • Pink Sweater and Bow

    When it comes to pink, I honestly cannot help myself — I have to have whatever it is, wherever it is, whenever it is. I’m a serious pink-aholic. 😉 Add flowers to the mix, and I’m pretty sure you have the perfect accessory to complete an ultra-feminine look, at least that’s how I felt in […]